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Including bird watching tips and homemade bird feeders

Many people enjoy the pastime of bird watching, and others simply like to feed the birds during the cold winter months. Enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee in the morning, look out the window and see how many diverse birds are in your garden.

Bird watching can be very relaxing and fun trying to figure out the different bird species. Having a feeding station is not only a great place for wild birds to eat but could also encourage nesting sites nearby.

If you are looking to spot birds then make sure that you have a bird book or bird worksheet that you can use to spot each bird species. A pair of binoculars and a camera can also be useful all year round.

Attracting birds is really easy when you know-how! Bird food doesn’t have to be expensive either. You can normally buy it from your local supermarket and garden center.

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How to attract birds to your feeder

Here is a guide that will help you attract birds to your garden and yard in the wintertime.

Bird feeding and nest boxes

You will need to purchase bird feeders or make them. You can make a simple bird feeder yourself by using a pine cone, spreading the peanut butter over the cone, and adding the bird seed. You can then add string to the cone to keep it up.

Secure feeders

Try to secure feeders outside windows or off your back deck or front porch. This way, you can enjoy watching the birds without scaring them off. You can sit in your house and simply watch them all day as they enjoy a fast meal from your feeders.

Bird tables and bird bath

Bird feeders come in a wide assortment of choices. Often the choices are overwhelming. However, it is ideal to have a platform style feeder, a suet holder, and a hopper style feeder. Tube feeders are also very popular and come in a wide range of sizes. Many feeders you can attach to a tree, others have a stand of their own, a few will secure to your window, and some even mount off the eves of your house.

Different foods

You should always have a suet feeder and offer your backyard buddies a ready supply of this high protein and nutritious, rich food to help them survive the cold. These energy-packed cakes come with seeds, fruits, and various nuts to appeal to a wide range of birds and their tastes.

Garden birds

It truly shouldn’t take long for birds to locate your feeders. Once one or two appear, they will climb in numbers as they seem to let all their buddies know there is free food. Many people have regulars that will visit year after year.

Garden wildlife

You can also consider landscaping with a diverse variety of plants that will provide food for your feathered friends year-round. Native grasses are ideal for this. Their seed heads will weather the winter, and birds adore them. Many people grow large sunflowers and then allow them to simply stay up with the dried flower head. This allows the birds to feed on the sunflowers even during the wintertime.

Sunflower hearts

Black oil sunflower seeds are an excellent form of food for your bird friends. You can purchase large fifty-pound bags for less than twenty dollars at most locations. Cardinals, chickadees, grosbeaks, and buntings adore black oil sunflower seeds. Thistle seeds are wonderful as a year-round food source for small birds like finches.

Fruit feeders

Many birds also adore fresh fruit. Simply slice apples in half and place in the bird feeders.

Birds need trees

Make sure you have evergreen trees in your landscape theme because birds adore these during the cold winters. You will find many birds nestled inside of trees like Blue Spruce during snow or rainstorm. They offer excellent shelter for birds.

Added extras

You can even pile brush and twigs up into piles for your birds to gather within. Birds adore brush piles. It gives them a sense of security near bird feeders.

Keep cats away

If you have a cat issue then it may be worth investing in some electronic devices that can help repel them. Try and place any feeders away from places where they would sit and prey.

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Clean the nestbox

Making sure that your nestbox is ready for each winter. Make sure that the box is clean and that they are attached securely.

Feed the birds more in winter

Birds need more food in the winter. Try and stick to a feed routine so they know when to visit. Feeding the birds all year round could really help them to survive.

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This is how to attract birds to your garden during the winter months. This includes bird feeder ideas and other ways to keep birds in your garden by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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