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The Blue Lagoon in Iceland

This is the best place to visit in Iceland

One of the most popular attractions for tourists and locals alike in Iceland is the famed Blue Lagoon geothermal hot spring and spa for bathing and relaxation.

Conveniently located 20 minutes from Keflavik International Airport- the gateway to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland- The Blue Lagoon is the perfect way to begin or end any trip to this fascinating country.

The Blue Lagoon is a great place for adults to visit and relax!

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History and Creation of The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon in Grindavik sprang to life in 1976 as a by-product created from the building of a new geothermal power plant in the nearby Svartsengi geothermal area. In 1981, locals began to bathe in hot water pools created the plant’s operations. Filled with silica mud and minerals, the water had a healing effect on the skin of the bathers. As a result of improved skin conditions, a clinic was opened in 1987, concentrating on psoriasis patients.

In 1999 The Blue Lagoon re-launched as a spa making it a must-see attraction while keeping the clinic area used to overnight stays and the continued treatment of skin diseases.

Waters of The Blue Lagoon

The lagoon’s warm, milky-colored waters are rich in both minerals and silica. The heated water is fed into the bathing area from the geothermal power plant. Although the water comes from a power plant, the water is pristine and free of wastes or other chemicals. Naturally heated from underground lava flows located under the earth’s surface, the lagoon’s waters are not treated with chemicals, including chlorine, which is often found in public swimming pools and bathing areas.

Because of the chemical-free waters, there is a strict body cleansing policy in effect for visitors, which involves showering and washing oneself without a swimsuit before being allowed to enter the outdoor pools.

The temperature of the water ranges from a comfortable 36 to 40 degrees C and is divided into several bathing areas. The main, open area of the lagoon gradually slopes to a depth of five feet, making it comfortable for swimming.

The artificial rock walls dividing sections of the water create intimate areas of relaxation with built-in seating. One of the main attractions of the public bathing area is a waterfall in which bathers may stand below the tumbling waters for a strong massage. A man-made steam bath is also located in the bathing area in the form of an enclosed cave-like structure that circulates and traps the water’s natural steam. A co-ed sauna room is also located off of the spa treatment area.

Spa and Treatments Available at The Blue Lagoon

One of the main draws of The Blue Lagoon is the state of the art massage facilities. With traditional spa treatments available out of the water within the building’s facilities, in-water treatments are also available within a private area of the lagoon and can be booked in ten-minute durations up to one hour in length. In-water treatments include relaxing massages, silica and algae skin treatments, and salt body scrubs.

Massages for pregnant women and children are also available. It is strongly advised to book in-water treatments in advance via email or telephone as the spaces fill up quickly.

The in-water massage treatments take place with the patient lying on a floating foam mattress while the therapist stands in the water and massages their upper body, head, and neck. In order to preserve warmth, the patients are draped with wet, warm fleece blankets to fight off the chill in the Icelandic air, as The Blue Lagoon operates year-round, rain or shine.

There are also several silica “self-serve” stations located in the bathing area in which visitors are welcome to slather the white, rich silica mud onto their skin for a facial.

Visitor Facilities- Dining and Shopping Options

Aside from the pools and clinic, The Blue Lagoon compound contains a snack bar serving refreshments in the lagoon, a café in the lobby area offering spectacular views of the bathing area, and a gourmet Icelandic restaurant. Bathers at the lagoon are given a wristband upon check-in, which serves as their means of payment for snack bar items with a maximum allowance of 3000 Icelandic kronur per person.

State-of-the-art showering and locker facilities are also on-site for visitors. The showering areas provide The Blue Lagoon’s own signature brand of shampoo, condition, and body products, which are widely available for purchase around Iceland as well as in the facility’s gift shop.

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Admission Packages and How to Get to The Blue Lagoon

Tour company Reykjavik Excursions has packages available to The Blue Lagoon direct from Reykjavik, or upon arrival or departure from the airport, several times a day. Treatments and massages, towels, bathrobe, and bathing suit rental are available for an additional fee.

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The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is a great place to visit for adults who want to relax while exploring this amazing landscape by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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