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Ratten garden furniture

Including furniture for the garden

Choosing garden furniture can be really hard if you are not familiar with the different types available on the market. Don’t worry; this guide will help you.

Which furniture is the best? It is a logical question, but the answer is not that easy. If we decide to classify the furniture by durability to the atmospheric conditions, and with one word eternal – the first that comes in front is the concrete and the granite.

Truly, they are timeless, but on the other hand, they look heavy and dominating, especially when we talk about small gardens if we talk about public parks – why not, the concrete benches would endure all kinds of damages from the not so well-wishing people.

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Make your Garden Stylish – Use Wrought Iron

The next on the list is the furniture made out of metal and wrought iron – tables, chairs, lounges, benches… real masterworks. Tender, sheer, and sculpture-like, these items could offer you a stylish and exquisite solution for your garden. Decorated with soft upholstery and pillows, this kind of furniture brings not only comfort but a romantic breath of air from the past, a bit of aristocratism.

Of course, when we talk about metal and wrought iron furniture, we have to note the fact that the water and the humidity are their archenemies. However, there is a solution to that problem, and it is a special lacquer covering. Another slight disadvantage is the weight of the furniture, which won’t be a problem if you are from the more conservative type of people and you like to “nail down” the furniture once and for all in your favorite corner of the garden.

The Most Preferred Garden Furniture Material – Wood

As we continue with the list, in third place, we see the famous to all garden furniture – the wooden one (in Denmark, the people commonly refer to it as Havemøbler træ). It is from the most loved choices when we talk about garden furniture, and it could easily take the first place as the most preferred furnishing of the garden. But here we see a slight confusion – the main material could be an exotic tree or some local kind, for the construction of wooden furniture are often used combinations of wood and cloth, wood and metal, different colors, different wood stitches, and different forms – straight, bent, folding or not.

The design of the exterior furniture today is as impressive as the interior design because the authors are using the same conceptions – comfort, with affordable luxury and style. The thing we cannot deny about the wooden furniture is that it brings a sort of warmth and comfort, radiating fascinating Mediterranean charm. But the contact with water and the humidity are again unpleasant for its condition.

The Rattan – From Piece of Furniture to Widely Recognizable Symbol

So here comes the place of the possible winner in this garden furniture competition and it is called the rattan. It fits so well with the green garden that long ago, it has turned into a symbol of garden furniture. Stylish, practical, and lightweight, the rattan furniture is one step in front of the others with unique and interesting interiors that bring pieces of nature.

This type is preferred by many architects because of their sheer presence in the space. The rattan itself is a kind of tropical palm tree close to the liana, which in comparison with the bamboo, is not hollow but, at the same time, is very light. The treatment of the material is done by hand – that sometimes adds extra cost but the possibilities that this material offers are many. When it is subject to steam processing, it becomes flexible and provides us with unlimited variations for designer collections.

The rattan furniture is also treated against humidity and strong sunlight with special covers; even sometimes aluminum fibers are built in the rattan for better endurance.

The Plastic Garden Furniture – Simple and Popular

Cheap and practical for maintenance – meet the plastic furniture. It is well known to all of us, we can see it at almost every corner and coffeehouse, and it differs from the other types only from the romantic paragraph.

I am pretty sure that when you are reading this, the first thing that pops out in your mind is an image of the plastic garden chair hidden beneath the shadow of an old tree. Plastic is a material that is not neglected by many designers who keep experimenting with it and supplying the market with very durable to the atmospheric conditions garden furniture.

The Best Outdoor Furniture

If you are looking for the perfect furniture for your outdoor space then have a look at:

Rattan garden furniture

Backyard Furniture Barcelona Luxury 10 Seater Casual Dining Rattan Garden Set with Cushions
This rattan corner sofa is great if you love to host parties. It comes with cushions and is realy easy to look after in the winter months.

Have a look at Backyard Furniture Barcelona Luxury 10 Seater here*

4 piece Patio Rattan furniture sofa Weaving Wicker

This is a great wicker set that can be easily moved around. It includes armchairs, sofa seats and cushions.

Have a look at this 4 piece Patio Rattan furniture sofa Weaving Wicker here*

4 Seat Corner Sofa & Coffee Table Patio Set

This has pads on legs which makes it easy to move. It is weatherproof and comes with a dining table as well.

Have a look at 4 the Seat Corner Sofa & Coffee Table Patio Set here*

Metal garden furniture

If you prefer metal furniture then have a look at our three favourites here:

Lazy Susan JUNE 150 cm x 95 cm 4 Seater Oval Garden Table

This waterproof patio furniture works great in all weathers. It comes with a range of cushion colours and the rose metal design would look great in any garden.

Have a look at the Lazy Susan JUNE 150 cm x 95 cm 4 Seater Oval Garden Table here*

Lazy Susan™ London Rose 60cm Round 2 Seater

This metal outdoor seating is great if you have a small space. it’s made with aluminum and looks great in any living space.

Have a look at the Lazy Susan™ London Rose 60cm Round 2 Seater here*

Outdoor Garden Bench Metal 3 Seater Patio Furniture

This three seater bench is perfect if you have very little room. It’s made of metal and would look great with cushions.

Have a look at the Outdoor Garden Bench Metal 3 Seater Patio Furniture here*

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Wooden garden furniture

If you like the look of wooden furniture then have a look at:

Staffordshire garden wooden set

Made of Scandinavian Redwood, this comes with a big wooden table and 2 benches and chairs.

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Wooden garden patio twin set

This is a two seater with table patio set that is fully wooden. It is made in the UK and of approved Scandinavian Redwood.

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Choosing garden furniture isn't easy but this post talks you through all your options and which one could be right for you by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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