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Garden with plants

Gardening and landscaping tips

A lush, green yard is the goal of about everyone, but too often, what people end up with is something far less impressive. Even the most well-maintained home can look bad when surrounded by a yard filled with dandelions, crabgrass, and bare spots.

Having a low-maintenance garden design is the best way to keep your yard looking great all year around. Use any outdoor space you have to its full potential.

Low maintenance garden tips

Here are some of the best and practical low maintenance garden ideas to get the great-looking green yard that you have always wanted.

Lush green grass

The most important tip to keep a yard green and even is watering. With water rationing and rising costs for water, simply running the sprinklers is not an option for many. Many options exist to water your yard, from collecting rainwater (which you should be doing if at all possible) to greywater (or greywater) recycling. Greywater recycling is a process to utilize household water and can be complicated, but it is an option.


Dealing with crabgrass is another great way to get a good-looking yard. Crabgrass can be treated through chemical applications, but other ways of dealing with crabgrass exist. Simply removing the offending plants from your yard and fertilizing the grass in the late fall will help your grass overpower the crabgrass.


Dandelions are another problem in yards that take away from the greenness. Dandelions are fought in a similar manner to crabgrass. Chemicals are quick and easy, but pulling and fertilizing the grass will work well also.

Ground cover

Ground cover plants are the best thing to plant if you want to cover an area up with a thick layer of flower. They can fill a gap or a border and do not need regular maintenance. Try and pick a plant that likes all environments like a Hardy Geraniums that likes shade and sunshine.

Poke holes

A great way to get a better yard is to stab it. Stab it with a screwdriver, ice pick, or another thin-bladed device! Why? Over the years, the soil in your yard will become compacted, making it difficult for plants to grow. This is one of the reasons you plow a field or garden. While poking holes in your yard with a screwdriver might take all day, machines can be rented to do the work. Another option is to use a pitchfork or other similar tool and work your yard over a little at a time.

Cut your grass

Another useful tip to get a greener yard is to cut your grass to a higher height. A higher cut will allow the grass to be healthier and will help to choke out the crabgrass and dandelions. Plus, in my opinion, anyway, higher grass looks better.

Be especially mindful of mowing in hot and dry weather. This is a rough time for all plants, and a serious cutting can result in a brown yard from dead grass.

Mowing your yard when the grass is dry is another great tip to get a good-looking yard. Dry grass will not clump and will spread evenly through your yard.

Mow your yard in different directions every time. Grass will develop a lean if mowed in the same direction repeatedly.

You could also try artificial grass in your garden which means no more mowing, just a hoover or brush to get the leaves off.

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Water feature

If you like the idea of outdoor living without the hassle then how about a little water feature. They can really look great in smaller gardens and take very little effort to maintain.

A little effort can result in a better, more beautiful, green yard. You can keep your garden low maintenance while enjoying a beautiful garden all year round.

Laura x

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These are the best and easy to maintain garden tips for beginners. We talk you through what you need for an easy garden by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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