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Here are 13 eco friendly gifts for grown ups. These are perfect for the eco friendly people in your life that you normally struggle to buy for by Laura at My Beautiful Mess #EcoGifts #EcoPresents #ChristmasGifts #EcoProducts

13 Eco Friendly Gifts For Grown-Ups This Christmas

Including eco gifts that will actually get used

If you’re struggling to find the best eco gifts for your friends then we have you covered.

Whether you’re trying to buy more environmentally friendly gifts or live more ethical, our eco-friendly gift guide can help you find ethically conscious gifts that can save the planet without costing the Earth.

Everything is included from gift sets to plastic-free toothbrushes.

Our favorite item is our plastic free coffee cups*. We use them on the go especially on our way to work. It means we can bring our own hot drinks without the waste.

Picture credit http://www.amazon.co.uk[/caption%5D

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9 Eco Gift Tips To Help You Become More Environmentally Friendly

If you really want to try and become a more sustainable household but are unsure how to start this Christmas then our 9 tips to help you go more eco-friendly should help:

1. Buy a sustainable Christmas tree then re-plant it in your garden for next year. Put it in a pot and plant it if you need to contain it’s size. Remember to check the Soil Association website if you’re concerned about your tree being organic. if you’d prefer a fake tree then try searching on eBay or GumTree for a second hand one first.

2. Choose Christmas decorations that will last. Many decorations are made using non-recyclable materials but if you can keep using them year on year then that helps reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Buying eco gifts for your friends and family or even better just buy one present each. This not only saves you money but helps save the environment too. Why not do a huge Secret Santa gift swap between your whole family so everyone gets a present and still gets a surprise?

4. Think about the wrapping. Could you use reusable bags or ribbon from past Christmases? You could also decorate your own brown paper to make it extra personalised.

5. Plan your Christmas dinner buy trying to reduce food waste. You could re-use anything left over for the rest of the week.

6. Think about trying to reduce your meat intake over the Christmas period. There are so many gorgeous meat alternatives that really do taste as good or better than meat.

7. Try soy candles or beeswax candles. They are safer for the environment.

8. Do you need to send Christmas cards? Could you send a personalized video? or email? These are all free to do and paper free.

9. Reuse your advent calendar. Could you make your own? Using an organic cotton can help you be more natural too.

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13 Eco Friendly Gifts For Grown-Ups

So here are 13 eco friendly products that easy to find and perfect for any grown-up who wants to save the planet.

Eco Friendly Gifts


21 washable reusable makeup remover pads*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

These soft bamboo reusable cotton pads are great for all skin types. Ok for sensitive skin for cleansing face, babies, pets or even your glasses. You can wash and reuse these as many times as you like.

Buy Here*

Flower Bee Balls - Native Wildflower Seed Balls, Grow Beautiful Flowers in Your Garden to Help Bring Back The Bees*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

Save the bees with these native wildflower seed balls. These make a perfect gift for anyone who loves gardens.

Buy Here*

Straws4Life | Eco Friendly Premium Reusable Stainless Steel Drinking Straws*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

These reusable metal straws are perfect for the whole family. They are lightweight and come in a range of colours.

Buy Here*

F**k Plastic: 101 Ways to Free Yourself from Plastic and Save the World*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

This books gives you 101 ideas on how you can save the planet. They are all easy ideas from carrying around your own cutlery to getting ice cream in a cone instead of a cup.

Buy Here*

Sass & Belle Foldable Compact Reusable Shopping Bag*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

These reusable bag is 38 x 37 x 55 cm when unfolded and made from 100% nylon. It's comfy to carry and is can fit into your pocket when not using it.

Buy Here*

Money Smart Vegan Cruelty Free Non Leather Wallet for Women*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

This beautiful purse is made from cork and is very lightweight. Even the packaging is recyclable.

Buy Here*

Tumia LAC Grow your own llama cress figure*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

Grown your own cress in a shape of a Llama. This Includes enough seeds for 3 gos and you can use it again and again!

Buy Here*

Bamboo Toothbrushes by YoBamboo*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

These pack of 4 bamboo toothbrushes are perfect for the whole family. They have a biodegradable handle and enchanted bristles.

Buy Here*

e-pots Paper Plant Pot Maker*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

This paper plant pot maker set is an easy and simple way to make your own newspaper paper plant pots. Economical and well-designed, use it every time you need a quick plant pot for your garden.

Buy Here*

Double Edge Safety Razor with Long Natural Bamboo Handle*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

Perfect for me and women this gives you a perfect shave every time. Made from high quality materials, a 100% bamboo handle and stainless-steel part makes this very strong and durable.

Buy Here*

WAFE Beeswax Set of 3 + 3 Stretchy Silicone Lids Reusable Food Wax Wraps*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

These wraps are made from 100% cotton fabric, jojoba oil, natural beeswax and tree resin which means that you can keep these for up to 24months. It's biodegradable too.

Buy Here*

EXOTICA by Happy Earth (Reusable Eco-Friendly Coffee Cup 450ml*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

This reusable cup is made with Organic Natural Bamboo Fibre that can be used as a travel mug or home coffee mug. It comes in a load of different colours too.

Buy Here*

Amazon.co.uk Gift Card for Custom Amount in a Black Box - FREE One-Day Delivery*

Photo Credit: www.amazon.com

Gift vouchers are eco-friendly and means that anything can be brought. Why not choose an evoucher so no box or paper is needed?

Buy Here*
I hope these sustainable gifts give you a great idea for Christmas presents. Let us know which one’s you like the best. 

Laura x

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