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Garden boots, flowers and cutters

Including essential lawn tools

Gardeners need a good selection of garden tools. You might not use them all every week, but having them on hand is better than running out to buy them at the last minute.

As one of the UK’s favourite outdoor activities, gardening is so much more than just a hobby. Many landscape enthusiasts think of gardening as “therapy for the soul” for its ability to melt stress. Some people appreciate gardening for its eye-catching beauty, and others consider it “outdoor art.”

Call it what you wish—if you’re new to gardening, consider outfitting your tool shed with the following garden tools.

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The Best and Most Essential Garden Tools 2021

These are the best and most essential gardening tools that you need to have in your shed. Whatever the size of your garden, make sure that you have these tools below.


If you’re going to plant anything into the ground, you’ll need a shovel to work the earth, dig holes and move dirt. This is one garden tool you’ll often use, so buy the best quality shovel you can afford. Ideally, you need both a flat-head shovel and a spade, but if you must choose, then go with the more versatile spade.

Garden hose

This is another garden tool where quality really counts. Cheap hoses often kink and become a tangled mess that’s impossible to put away. Look for a hose with at least five-ply walls and brass fittings. A hose rack or reel is handy for hose storage.


Compost, dirt, and plants are much easier to move around the garden with a sturdy wheelbarrow. Before you buy, take several for a test spin around the store. You want to make sure it’s not too heavy for you to handle and that the handles are a comfortable distance apart.

Pruning shears

A good pair of pruning shears should be in every gardener’s shed. You can find inexpensive pruners for under £10—but you’ll be replacing those often. Instead, consider investing in better quality pruners. With proper care, they’ll last many years and possibly a lifetime.

Leaf rake

Avid gardeners agree that the best rakes are those with metal tines. They cost a bit more than plastic or wood styles but are much more durable. Whether to buy a rake with short tines or long is a personal preference.


This multi-purpose garden tool is great for digging small planting holes, scooping soil into pots, and removing weeds. The best is carbon-coated steel with wooden handles.


If you have a small lawn, a simple sprinkler will suffice. For larger lawns, buy a sprinkler with more bells and whistles, such as a timer that shuts the water off or one with adjustable spray patterns.


A mower is a must for a well-manicured lawn. They’re also useful for shredding leaves to put in the compost bin. The eco-friendly manual push lawnmower is fine for tiny lawns. For larger lawns, buy a self-propelled gas-powered lawnmower.


You’ll need an outdoor broom for sweeping up leaves, dirt, and garden debris. Brooms cost much less than a leaf blower, are infinitely quieter and better for exercise.


These long-handled, heavy-duty pruners are great for cutting large branches, hard-to-reach limbs, and rosebush canes. Loppers usually have metal or wooden handles and blades that are easily sharpened.

Steel digging spade

A stainless steel digging spade needs to be in your toolkit. This can help you to dig out bigger stones that are in your raised or dirt beds. This is the best tool if you have a lot of digging out to do.

Garden hoe

A garden hoe helps you to remove weeds and chop the soil down. You can also use it to dig out any plants and flowers that you need to get rid of.

Hand fork

A hand fork is a great tool to have when you need to get down and dirty. You can use this when you need to dig out or plant a new shrub.

Gardening gloves

Gardening gloves help to protect your hands especially if you have loads of gardening to do in one go. We prefer leather ones but you can get gardening gloves in all shapes and sizes.

Hose nozzle

Having a hose is important but having a hose nozzle that you can set is vital. Many hose nozzles come with loads of different settings like a light sprinkle for just dug-in plants or a harder spray.

Hand trowel

Great for moving dirt about, a hand trowel is a must.

Digging fork

A digging fork is great to get rid of any hard-to-move weeds. You can use these to get really close to the roots and pull.

Casual backyard gardeners might not use all of these garden tools every week. However, it’s better to have a good selection of gardening tools you can use when the need arises, rather than running out to buy them at the last minute.

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Other handy garden tools are hedge shears, long-handled hoes, watering wands, and weed whackers. If your garden has tall trees, consider investing in a pole pruner. A pruning saw is a great garden tool for rose bushes.

If you have children, consider buying them child-size garden tools such as a rake, hoe, and shovel. Kids love to help in the garden, and having their own gardening tools makes it more fun.

Laura x

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These are the best essential garden tools that you'll ever need. We've included everything a beginner gardener will need by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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