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Including a daily foot care routine

Pampered feet are happy feet. Walk with comfort. Don’t let foot pain or other problems get in the way of wearing sandals or pretty heels.

Most people think of spending a lot of money on shoes and overlook foot care. Dry feet cracked heels; calluses are ugly and capable of ruining a look as well as a mood. A little foot care goes a long way to heal and prevent most foot problems.

Basics of Foot Care

Feet will look pretty, feel great, and go through the day without complaining, with a little pampering.

Prevent. The majority of foot problems are created by wearing the wrong shoes. When shopping for shoes, do not rely on their look; think of the wear. Always purchase shoes in the right size; shop at the end of the day when feet are swollen and tired; this will ensure comfort.

Buy quality; it’s better to have less quantity and more quality when it comes to shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes will be far more costly.

Make sure there’s room to wiggle the toes. If the shoes pinch or hurt at the shoe store, they will continue to pinch and hurt forever; it’s better to forget them.

Sometimes, shoes seem right at the store and for the first few hours of wearing only to cause foot pain later. Insert shoe insoles or pads to make them more comfortable. There are many fabulous products on the market to make shoes feel comfy and allow walking without a grimace of pain.

Products to try are Foot Petals, padding invented by a woman to wear with killer shoes. Foot Petals come in a variety of shapes and styles that complement the shoe and protect the wearer. Dr. Scholl’s, in keeping up with the trends, offers a Dr. Scholl’s For Her Comfort Insoles, very thin and covering a variety of shoe styles.

Another important step in prevention is moisturizing. Foot creams and lotions will prevent skin from hardening. Every night right after the facial routine, use the opportunity to apply a rich nourishing cream that works hard to keep feet soft. If possible, slip on a pair of soft cotton socks overnight. Good products to try are Barielle Foot Cream, Bliss Foot Patrol, Queen Helene Foot Lotion, or Pevonia Multi-Active Foot Cream.

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Cuddle Tired Feet

When feet feel burning hot, tight, and ready to explode, don’t simply change into something more comfortable; pamper the hardworking pair. Choose the following treatments according to time available.

5 Minutes Peppermint Foot Lotion Massage

Talk about refreshing. Rub a good amount of lotion on feet, slowly massaging toes, arches, everywhere it hurts. The cooling sensation will be unbelievable. For those with another five minutes to spare, lay down and elevate the legs. The effects will be double rewarding. Brands to try, The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion, or Bath & Body Works C.O. Bigelow Mentha Foot Tingling.

30 Minutes Foot Soak

An amazing pain-relieving method that relaxes, and it feels like the ultimate luxury. Fill up the tub or foot bath if available, with enough warm water to cover the feet. Add ½ cup of Epsom salts, and soak. When time is up, dry feet and apply a foot cream. If possible, slip on a pair of socks to keep feet padded and cozy.

Eliminate Cracked Heels And Calluses

These problems are not only painful but also unsightly. The best solution is to exfoliate often to get rid of built-up, aging, hard skin. The easiest way, use a pumice stone with every shower; in addition, regular foot treatments are excellent for eliminating cracked heels or calluses and keeping them from returning.

A Foot Treatment Consists of Softening, Exfoliating, Renewing, and Moisturizing

Prepare a foot soak with very warm water and Epsom salts or OPI Pedicure Soak. Immerse feet for ½ hour. Remove excess water. Cut toenails and push back cuticles with a cuticle stick.

Apply a scrub like OPI Pedicure Scrub, Queen Helene Cranberry Mint Foot Scrub, or mix 1 cup of sea salt with ½ cup of olive oil. Rub well all over the feet, concentrating on hardened areas. For stubborn heels and calluses, use a Mr. Pumice Two-Sided Ultimate Pumice Bar or Tweezerman Pedro Too Callus Stone. Rinse and pat dry.

Wrap feet in a rejuvenating treatment like Lush Volcano Foot Mask – apply, wrap in plastic 10 minutes, massage, rinse or try Bliss Softening Sock Salve & softening socks, wait 20 minutes, rinse. Dry feet well, especially in between toes.

Apply a foot lotion or cream, like the ones previously recommended. Massage well, and feet will be ready for anything, including a pedicure.

Moisturizing feet daily, exfoliating at every shower and doing an intensive treatment once a week should keep feet fresh and free of pain. Enjoy the new shoes.

Essential foot care items

Looking after your feet weekly can really help to keep your feet healthy. Our top foot care essentials that everyone must have at home are:

Toenail Clippers

Cutting your toenails regularly means that new nails can grow.

Pumice Stone

Pumice Stones help to remove dead skin which helps to keep your feet smooth.

Foot Cream

Foot Cream is essential when it comes to foot health. Put your foot cream on once you’ve used the Pumice Stone and relax with your feet up for a few minutes while it sinks in.

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Antibacterial Soap

Even feet get sweaty. Think about all the layers they are under, especially during the winter months. Keeping them as clean as possible will help to keep your feet healthy.

Sun Cream

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