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Soil with a small plant

Including garden preparation for Spring

Springtime is a time of rebirth – the trees begin to bud and early flowers pop up in the flower beds. It’s also a good time to get your tools and other gear ready for spring gardening. Even if the ground isn’t completely thawed from the cold winter months, you can still work on your garden.

Start by inspecting what condition your garden is in. Have any of the winter plants taken any damage? Do the flower beds need cleaning out? Are there any fences down or holes? Have any animals taken up residence in bushes or trees?

Next, it’s time to check your soil. There is no point in planting anything new without knowing what condition your soil is currently in. It might be worth buying a bag or two of compost and mixing it through the current soil. Try and sieve out any stones while you can as these can get in the way of plant growth.

Prune back any of the winter plants that have taken over the garden. Most plants love to be cut back as it helps them to grow more. This also helps you to see how much space you have left for your summer plants and what gaps you may need to fill.

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If you want to grow vegetables, then the best time to start planting is now, in Spring. Think Strawberries, Green Beans, and even Potatoes. Vegetables like Chilli and Pepper come in a few weeks when the weather starts to get warmer.

If you have a pond then read our post here on how to get it ready for winter.

Spring gardening tips

We have the best gardening tips for Spring here! We walk you through what to do to get your garden summer-ready so you can really enjoy it.

Patch up your grass

Spring the best time to give your grass a new lease of life. If it’s patchy, start by raking the grass back as this loosens the soil. Then, spike it with a fork. If the ground is dry, water it to soften it. Then, add the grass seed into the holes and lightly pat them down. Keep them well watered and do it again about three days later.

Start seeds indoors prior to planting

Whether you’ve ordered seeds from catalogs or online, or purchased them in a gardening or home improvement store, now is the time to get them started. Germinate seeds in an indoor greenhouse, or start them in small containers. Yogurt containers and take out drink cups make good seed starting vessels. Make sure they receive plenty of sunlight and are kept in a warm spot.

Clean out the potting shed

Whether it’s a potting shed, storage shed or just some storage bins on the porch, now is the time to sort through them and decide what you will need. Inspect pots for cracks or nicks, and clean them so they are ready to go when you need them. Hold onto any broken or cracked terra cotta or other clay pots or shards – they can be used in the bottom of pots for filler or for extra drainage. Also go through any bottles of chemicals or fertilizers, and pitch any that need to be disposed of (check with your local municipal for safe disposal of chemicals).

Clean and sharpen tools in Spring

Inspect your gardening tools and make sure they are free of dirt and debris, and are clean and dry. Rub the metal parts with olive oil to lubricate them and keep them free of debris.

Test your soil before planting

Know what you will be dealing with by testing your soil now. Test kits can be purchased at most gardening and home center stores. Once you find out the results, plan for adding nutrients as needed, or decide where certain plants might thrive.

Review last year’s garden results

If you kept a gardening journal or other notes, review them to determine which plants succeeded or failed, as well as last frosts dates, seed start dates, etc.

Plan your garden plots before planting

Using graph paper or a gardening notebook, sketch our your garden plot and make a list of plants you wish to grow. Based on the sun requirements and the height and width of each plant, make a drawing of where you want to place each plant. Be sure to include any plants from the previous year that you want to move or keep in the same place.

Gardening is not just about planting plants into the ground; there are several tasks to be completed prior to putting your shovel into the ground for the first time. Use these as a starting point to get your garden and tools in shape for the coming season.

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This is your gardening in Spring checklist. Use this to make sure that you garden is ready for summer by preparing it now by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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