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Looking to cheer a loved one or friend up? Then try one of these 17 gifts to cheer someone up that are sure to put a smile on their faces by Laura at My Beautiful Mess #GiftsToCheerSomeoneUp #Gifts

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Cheering a friend or a loved one up can be hard. Regardless of what they are dealing with, helping a loved one through a tough time is a kind thing to do. It’s hard to know what to say or do to make that person feel better, but sometimes just showing you care with a small gift can really cheer that person up.

It tells them without words that you are thinking about them. That they are not alone and that you are here if they need to chat or get it all off their chest.

All these gifts are thoughtful, comforting and will really cheer that friend who needs to put two fingers up to life right now.

So if you need some cheer up gift inspiration then this post is for you. We have selected the very best thoughtful gifts alone side ideas to cheer someone up when they really need it.

Read here from Mummy To Dex about how to make your next gift more thoughtful and why you should be thinking about it now.

If you are looking for a different gift then have a look at a aireloom mattress, a gift that could give someone a better night sleep.

Cheer up gifts for her

These gifts are great for friends who need a pick me up or for a family member who is struggling to see the light through the trees right now. These little gifts with make them smile and hopefully bring a small bit of joy.

Purple Wishes Bouquet

These lovely purple ivory large headed roses, purple freesia, purple lisianthus and thlaspi with eucalyptus and pistache, that are wrapped in craft paper and presented in a white craft gift box, tied with a lace bow.

Buy these Purple Wishes Bouquet here*

Light pink plaque with writing on

HONZEE Wooden Hanging Plaque

This is a lovely natural wood that is environmental friendly. It comes in lovely Kraft paper packaging which makes a lovely up-lifting gift.

This comes in a range of different colours with different quotes.

You can buy this lovely HONZEE Wooden Hanging Plaque here.*

Multi-Coloured jar with 30 quotes

The Little Calm and Happy Company Happy Friendship Quotes Jar

This beautiful positive friendship quotes jar contains thirty slips of lovely coloured paper that have motivational messages about friendship and love. They are graceful messages that inspire happiness and hope to refocus the mind to relive stress.

This comes in a lovely gift box that is designed to bring positivity to your friendship and your friends well-being.

You can buy this Little Calm and Happy Company Happy Friendship Quotes Jar here*.

Estee Lauder Perfume that comes in a red and gold box.

Estee Lauder Beautiful Eau De Parfum Spray, 30 ml

This eau de parfum fragrance id perfect for women who need to have their day brightened just a little. It has a mix smell of orange flower, rose and lily. 

It comes in a lovely stylist box and is a great treat for friends or family members who need a smile on their face.

Buy this Estee Lauder Beautiful Eau De Parfum Spray here*.

black box with soft yellow lights.

DECO EXPRESS Himalayan Salt String Lights

These are soft string lights that can help light up any home. The pink light colour can create a great atmosphere that offers any room in your home a unique glow.

These lights on for inside use only but can help anyone relax and take stock of the good things in their life.

Buy this DECO EXPRESS Himalayan Salt String Lights here.*

Silver stud earnings

Pandora Women Silver Stud Earrings

These are sterling silver. They are heart shaped with a tree of life in the middle. These don’t come in a gift box but they would put a smile on any woman’s face.

Buy these Pandora Women Silver Stud Earrings here*.

This is a ring binder and notebook

Leather Notebook

This leather notebook with craft paper is really great quality so doesn’t leave ink on the next page. It’s a great way to unleash all your thoughts on to a page or use a diary.

Learn more about how planning your day can keep your mind clear here. 

Buy this beautiful diary here*

Shearer Candles Vanilla and Coconut Large Scented Silver Tin Candle - White

Shearer Candles Vanilla and Coconut Large Scented Silver Tin Candle – White

This beautiful candle burns for over 40 hours. It has a light vanilla and coconut smell that is really warming. The tin is light and the candle itself can be used again and again to help relive stress.

Buy this vanilla and coconut large candle here*

This is a white memories frame

ARPAN 10 Pictures Multi Aperture Photo Frame

This stylist 4 X 5” X 7” white frame is a great way to show someone that you care. Fill it with memories that they can cherish forever. This can be mounted on the wall and is a great way to display how much you are thinking of someone.

Buy this ARPAN 10 Pictures Multi Aperture Photo Frame here*

Free Printables

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Cheer up gifts for him

These gifts are perfect for men who are friends or partners that could go with a little gift to cheer them up.

Beard Grooming Set

This beard grooming set is great for any man in your life that needs a little lift. This set includes a beard conditioner, beard balm, beard oil, comb, brush, scissors, shaper and storage bag.

Buy this Beard Grooming Set here*

Wireless Headphones Over Ear

These headphones are soft and last for over 50 hours. They work with many mobile phones or gaming devices and are perfect for anyone who wants to switch off for a while.

Buy these Wireless Headphones Over Ear here*

Fitbit Inspire Health & Fitness Tracker

This is an all-day activity tracker that tracks your sleep, calories and reminders to move. This is great for anyone who needs to get out and about more. Exercise is a well known way to help lift your mood.

Buy this Fitbit Inspire Health & Fitness Tracker here*

Whittard of Chelsea – Coffees of The World Gift Set

This box contains 9 x 66g ground coffee that’s great for men who love coffee. It’s a great and simple gift to put a smile on a friends face and get them talking.

Buy this Coffees of The World Gift Set here*

Retro Sweets Hamper

These are the perfect gift for anyone who love sweets and needs a lift. This box includes Anglo Bubbly, Space Dust, Candy Necklaces, Parma Violets, Love Hearts, Sherbet Fountain, a Wham Bar and many more.

Buy these Retro Sweets Hamper box here*

Funny gifts to cheer someone up

Bright blue background and pink parcel

These are gifts to cheer up a friend who needs some help. These are funny and a bit tongue in cheek but will put a small smile on the face of a friend that needs it.

HQdeal Sexy Funny Novelty Kitchen Apron

This is a funny apron that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Buy this for friends who need a bit of a laugh and cheering up.

Buy this Sexy Funny Novelty Kitchen Apron here*

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Laura x

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