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Keeping yourself busy and learning a new skill is a great way to keep active during the colder months. Here are 7 hobbies that you can do at home by Laura at My Beautiful Mess #hobbies #funathome

Painting with paintbrushes

Finding winter hobbies is a good way to stay active year-round. Try indoor photography, needlework, whittling, making ice sculptures, jewellery making and ballroom dancing.

A lot of your favorite hobbies may have something to do with being outdoors. During the spring, summer and fall months, that is fine. As it gets colder and colder, though, finding some winter hobbies that you can do inside is a great idea.

Here are 7 hobbies for women that you can do all year round.


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Bring Photography Indoors

A lot of photographers shoot outside, either as they pursue wildlife shots or because they prefer natural light photography. Instead of letting your camera get dusty and neglected until spring returns, why not turn photography into a winter hobby by setting up a temporary studio? You can learn about indoor lighting without spending a ton of money.

I used shop lights when I first started out. I just put natural daylight bulbs in them, strapped them sideways to the backs of a few chairs and put them a lot closer to my models than I would position “real” studio lights. I also used a makeshift backdrop. You can, too. Just tack a white sheet to a wall for your backdrop or buy a few yards of fabric that seems like it would be fun to photograph. It was a lot of fun to play with and I learned quite a bit about lighting. In total, I spent under $50 on lighting and was able to enjoy photography year round.


Needlework is a Great Winter Hobby

There are many different types of needlework and some of them require tremendous skill and dexterity. People who fall in love with needlework can happily spend hours creating family heirlooms or little gifts for family and friends during the cold winter months.

For beginners, cross stitch is a fairly forgiving and easy form of needlework. At first, you will probably want to buy basic cross stitch kits, but, as you become adept at making even crosses and learn to look at the world through the eyes of a cross stitcher, you will probably want to begin making your own designs.


Whittling is a Popular Year Round Hobby

Wood whittle in heart shape

If you can handle a knife and woodworking tools without cutting yourself to ribbons, you may enjoy taking up whittling as a winter hobby. People have whittled everything from walking sticks to chess pieces. Several whittlers in my area make and sell small wooden sculptures through local art galleries. For people who see bowls instead of owls in a block of wood, turning wood may be the right hobby.


Make Ice Sculptures and Snow Sculptures as a Winter Hobby

You aren’t going to be able to play in the snow during the summer. If you don’t mind the cold, why not embrace what it brings and learn to make snow or ice sculptures? While the creations you design have a very short life, they can bring you and the people that see them a lot of enjoyment.


Ballroom dancing

Lady in blue dress with white shoes and man in black shoes

Ever watched Strictly Come Dancing and wish you could join in? Across the UK there are loads of dancing clubs for all ages.

You don’t a partner to start. Go along and learn how to dance.

Most groups are very informal. They are a great place to learn a new skill while meeting new people.


Jewellery Making

Making jewellery kit

Jewellery making is a great way to keep your fine motor skills tined in. There’s loads of ways you can start. Why not buy a jewellery making kit to get you on your way.

Choose the type of jewellery you want to make. Do you want to make beaded or metal jewellery? Do you want to work with clay? Be creative and really see where this takes you.

Investing in good quality tools can make the difference too. They may seem a bit like an expensive investment but they are worth it for the longer run.


Start a Blog

Writing is a great way to stay creative and reduce stress.

You can write about anything that you are interested in including music, home life, being frugal or about your kids.

Our top 5 tips for starting a new blog are:

1. Find a host that you are happy with. We use TSO Host that offer you 10% off is you use our code.

2. Set up the blog using WordPress as it’s the easiest website builder to use. This is the step by step guide we used to start our blog here.

3. Start by using a free theme but you can buy one if you want your site to have a certain look.

4. Set a mailing list straight away. We use Mailerlite as they are easy to use and have great customer service.

5. Start your blog with at least 9 blog posts. Remember to set up all your social media channels as well like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Finding a winter hobby can help you stay creative and active throughout the cold and chilly months til spring. Whether you embrace outdoor hobbies like skiing or look for indoor pursuits like sewing or painting, the key is to keep learning and enjoying life year round.


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