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Clean carpets

Including how to get even the most tough stains out

Pets and children. Two major contributing factors to dirt, messes, and my least favorite: carpet stains. The absolute worst are the stains you don’t see in the dark, and one day you flip on the light and BANG: there it is, right in the middle of your beige carpet. Just staring at you. Like the bully in middle school that waited for you by your locker, this isn’t going to be easy to get rid of. It’s going to take some hard work.

Forget using all of those expensive chemicals you’re going to find at the store. Because like the bully from middle school, you need to leave those in your past. Get with the times and turn into a “green” cleaning machine and tackle that bully that’s taunting you from the middle of your carpet by using non-toxic, all-natural, everyday items you have in your cupboards and around your house.

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Carpet cleaning solutions

Homemade carpet cleaning is a natural way to clean your home. We talk you through below how to make your own natural homemade carpet cleaner. It’s really easy and soft on your belongings.

Remember to do a patch test first. This is when you test your homemade carpet cleaners on a very small area to check what happens. This way, if the worst does happen, no one should notice.

The first items I would suggest using to get remove stains are water and an old clean towel. Old towels, or even old t-shirts, are a great way to recycle and reduce waste, such as paper towels. Use them and throw them in the washer, and you’ll never have to buy paper towels again. You can even use them for so much more than sopping up whatever is ailing your carpet; use them to dust or clean your windows too.

But old towels are the best at soaking up anything that has found its way onto your carpets or rugs. As soon as you can, use the dry towel to soak up the liquid. Once you’ve removed as much as you can from the surface, lightly press to bring up the remainder lurking in the carpet fibers. Use some cool water to spot clean.

Maybe the cool water isn’t cutting it. Or, perhaps you are just discovering the stain hours, days, or even weeks later. If you have access to a deep carpet cleaning machine, use it with good ol’ hot H2o and forgo the chemicals suggested by the manufacturer (you can even try this for a full carpet cleaning in addition to spot cleaning).

All it takes is some hot water, and voila! The dark spots left from our sad attempts at cleaning up after our now house-trained Labrador have disappeared. Bissell has now even produced a newer model of this compact cleaner using recycled plastic. That should make you feel even better about your attempt at becoming more “green”!

Don’t have access to a deep cleaner? No problem. Use liquid castile soap (or any non-detergent liquid soap) and water to create a bubbly, foamy mixture. You can do this by putting the ingredients into a blender or by using a hand-mixer. The combination should be about 1/4 cup of soap to 1/3 cup of water. Once blended, put the mixture onto your stain and wait for approximately five minutes. Use your old clean towel to scrub, and then soak up the stain and mixture.

Has your everyday prevention of making your family remove their shoes inside the door and using doormats kept your carpets and rugs free of stains? Lucky!! Then perhaps you just want a “green” way of cleaning and disinfecting your carpets. Don’t worry- you have items in your home to handle that as well.

Before heading to bed, create your own carpet cleaning powder by mixing together 1 cup of borax, 1 cup of cornmeal, and 1/2 cup of baking soda. Let it sit while you’re getting a good night’s rest, then vacuum in the morning. Keep in mind that the more generous you are with the mixture, or the larger the area that is carpeted, you will need to increase the amounts of the ingredients.

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Remember, just as with store-bought chemicals, always be sure to test these ingredients on a small inconspicuous spot. Also, if you have pets or children, supervise the use of household products around both.

Now that you know some simple ways to handle the bullies in your home with products, you probably already have gone on with it. Join millions of other individuals across the globe who have vowed to start maintaining their homes with products such as those mentioned above. So do it. Get on with your “green” self!

Laura x

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This post talks you through how to make your own home remedies to clean carpets. It's really easy to clean and go green by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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