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These are all really easy to make and eco-friendly

The scent of a home makes a lasting first impression the moment guests walk through the door, and if you want that first impression to be a positive one, consider using air fresheners throughout your home. It isn’t necessary to purchase expensive air fresheners that never last as long as advertisers and manufacturers claim.

Homemade air fresheners are just as good or better and cost far less than store-bought ready-made air fresheners. The are more eco-friendly then shopped bought options are great for gifts for all your friends.

These are great for getting rid of all the smells in your home from the kitchen smells to bathrooms stinks.

If you would love to go more eco-friendly in the future then please have a look at our post here called The Best Sustainable Living Tips for 2021.

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Make your own air freshener

These are easy to make homemade air fresheners that really do make your home smell amazing and look great too. They are eco-friendly and beat a shop brought air freshener anytime!

Orange pomanders

These are really easy to make. Use either oranges for that essential smell or small easy peelers. Add cloves to the oranges for those amazing smells. You can hang these up anywhere and they look great.

Cinnamon Stick and Vanilla Bean Bundles

There’s nothing quite like the fragrance of natural vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks, and not surprisingly, cinnamon and vanilla are two of the most popular scents. I have a bundle of fresh cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans on my fireplace mantel, and I’ve had compliments from friends on the wonderful scent in my home. I really don’t notice it – unless I leave my house and come back inside after an hour or two, but this simple homemade air freshener has really made a difference.

For a great homemade air freshener, tie together natural cinnamon sticks and whole fragrant vanilla beans with a pretty satin ribbon. This easy homemade air freshener will keep your home smelling deliciously fragrant for weeks. Place some in a closet, under a staircase, or anywhere you want to add the soft fragrance of natural vanilla and cinnamon.

Essential Oil

Visit a store that sells essential oils, and you’ll find dozens of options for homemade air fresheners. A little essential oil on a cloth or sachet will fill the room with scent. Better yet, apply drops of essential oil to a clean coffee filter, and attach it to the top of a ceiling fan blade. The scent will travel throughout your home and fill adjoining rooms with fragrance. With essential oils, the options for homemade air fresheners are truly endless! Using essential oils mean your home will keep smelling fresh for weeks.

Coffee Maker Freshener

Drip coffee makers are good for far more than brewing coffee. I use mine to fill my home with various homemade scents. If you have citrus peels that you would otherwise throw away, put them in a little warm water inside the carafe of your electric drip coffee maker.

Pour water through the filtering system, and the coffee maker will create steam that will send the fragrance of fresh citrus throughout your home. This is also a great way to simmer potpourri, pumpkin spice and cloves, apples and cinnamon, and many other steamy and fragrant homemade combinations.

Dried Herbal Potpourri

With fragrant herbs and dried flowers, homemade potpourri is easy to make. Think about colour and the kind of smells you want in each room. If you have a garden that is in bloom, think about picking the stems to bring the outdoor in. Try and think about what they may look like when are dried.

You may want to add some extra smells to your dried flowers like tea tree or any other essential oil you think would work well.

Once you are ready, set them aside in a covered bowl and let the smells enthuse together.

Herb Bouquets

Having small scented flowers arranged around your home not only look amazing but help your room to smell good too. If you have them in your garden, try and pick herbs like peppermint, rosemary, and lavender that really pack a punch. All you need is a small handful together placed in little glass vases. This is really simple yet very effective!

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Vinegar Room Spray

Honestly this really works! Add one part white vinegar and four parts water to a spray bottle and shake lightly. Spray it around your home when you have a bad smell you can’t get rid of. It removes most smells and leaves the room smelling great. You could even put it in a pot or bowl by the oven if you haven’t got a spray bottle. It takes away those strong smells really quickly.

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We have 7 homemade air fresheners ideas that you can use to help make your home smell fresh. These are all eco-friendly and easy to make by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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