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This is how to be a minimalist in the UK. This takes you step by step through how to declutter and how to enjoy your home by Laura at My Beautiful Mess #Minimalist #MinimalistLiving

Including how to go minimalism in the uk

If you’ve been thinking about going minimalist and are a complete beginner then this post will walk you through exactly how to live a minimalist lifestyle from scratch.

If the thoughts “tiny house” or “downsizing” jump into your head then think again. There are loads of ways you can become a minimalist without selling your house.

Having the minimalist mindset means that you’re ready to live with the items that are most important to you and that brings you the most joy.

You really can start your minimalist journey and not live in a tiny house. Think about what you like most about minimalist living and slowly start bringing them into your life.

What does it mean to a minimalist?

Being a minimalist means that you only live with the selected items that bring you joy and happiness.

It means living with less and those items are special to you. It’s about having a minimalist mindset too.

Minimalist living gives the option of saving money and time on the things that bring you down and spending more on the items that will bring you forever happiness.

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What it means to live a minimalist life

Think of it this way; less mental clutter, less items to clean and more of what you want in your life. Save money by buying less of what you don’t really need. For example, do you need eight plates if you only have four people around for dinner? Do you need four towels when two will do?

It’s a simple way of clearing out your items and changing your mindset.

There are loads of benefits to becoming a minimalist which include:

Less stress

Decluttering is a great way to clear your mind. With less items you no longer have to stress that everything is in the right place and if it looks good. A clear house is calming.

Appealing to visit

Think of all the best pictures of homes you’ve seen like estate agent images to sell a house for example. They show only the bare minimum. They slow the stunning artwork, fashionable furniture and a clear space.

They sell the dream of a calm, happy, clear house. Appealing to many of us.

Cleaning is easy

Without so many objects, cleaning is made easier. You have fewer items to move or display.

Think of your clothing. You may have less choice but better-made quality items that go with a lot of outfits.

No one is saying that each room has to be devoid of emotion or of that homely feel. It’s just that less can sometimes be best.

What does Minimalist living look like

This would depend on how extreme you want to go as a beginner but many minimalist homes stick by these simple rules:

Minimal furniture

These would mean living with only a few pieces of essential furniture that you couldn’t live without.

So for your bedroom it could just have a bed and a nightstand with a small capsule wardrobe.

The think about minimalism is that you can make it work for you, whatever that means.

It could be only having a sofa and TV in the living room and a small dining room table.

Make each room work for you.

Clear space

Minimalists generally have clear surfaces. This means making sure all the kitchen appliances are away and no stray items are left out.

Homely feel

A house with no objects may no feel homely. Adding simple and quickly moveable items can be handy. Think about a small vase with a single flower or a candle that lightly brights up the room.

Keep your house elegant and homely is key.

Quality always wins

Being a minimalist means buying quality over quantity. Having six items that you can re-use are far better than having twenty cheaper items that you hardly touch.

How to start minimalist living

However far you want to take minimalism, our 17 easy steps on how to be a minimalist as a beginner can help you on your way to clutter freedom.

Start one room at a time

Tackling your whole house will give you a mental breakdown. Start with the one room that’s the most cluttered. Use it as inspiration for the rest of the house.

If you haven’t touched an item within the last six-months then it goes. Make some money by selling these items or donate them to your nearest charity shop.

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The big items

For many of us furniture is the biggest thing in our homes. Try to simplify each room. Do you need that piece of furniture? Do you love it? Is it used all the time? Does it overcomplicate the room? Could it be simpler?

If the furniture makes you stressed then it should go. You can pick up some great bargains from thrift stores.

Are the items essential?

Decide what is essential

In each room decide what is essential. What you can’t live without and what you can live without.

Try to take everything non-essential out of the room and see how you feel. Slowly re-add items as you need to.

Keep floors clear

Once you have decided on your essential furniture look at the floors. They should be clear and free. Feel about the flow of the room. Does the room feel light and airy? Nothing should be stored on the floor.

Clear your sides

Think about your flat surfaces. Nothing should be on them except one or two of your chosen loved processions. Have a picture of loved ones or a vase on a table. Keeping the surfaces clear also means less tidying too!

Clean walls

It’s lovely having pictures on the walls but if they are starting to make you feel like they are taking over then start to bring them down. Could you replace them with one bigger picture? Or a mirror to help the room seem brighter?

Store items out of sight

If you love your record collection or have a lot of paperwork think where that’s going to go in the room. Could you store it under your bed so it’s to pull out when you need it or above the wardrobe? Try and think of ways it could be put away but easily pulled back out again when you need it.

Declutter as you go

While you’re sorting you may as well declutter as you go. Go through each drawer and cupboard and donate anything that you haven’t touched in six months. If you can’t live without it then why not pack it away in a storage box.

Simple yet effective artwork

If you feel like decluttering and becoming a minimalist it’s going to make your home seem boring then think again. Being a minimalist means that you can still have nice things but less of them.


You can still enjoy decorations but try and keep them to a minimum. Use colour to draw the eye and bring freshness. Your house doesn’t have to be white. Bring colour in as it also can help lift your mood.

Use windows to bring colour

You can use blinds and curtains to bring in colour too. Blinds work too to help you feel like there’s minimal items. Try to keep objects off of window seals too. Try to keep all items simple.

Use plain patterns

Keeping one colour on the floor or on furniture can help keep visual clutter down.

You can bring in a splash of colour if it doesn’t feel stressful. Minimalism is about items helping you feel calm and clear.

Try tan greens and light blues that are quite refreshing.

Keep going a bit further

Once you’ve simplified your home have a look around and decide if you could go further? Is there a room that stills fills you with dread? Do you still have problems finding your clothes? Every three or four months start again and see if you can go that little bit further.

Everything has a place

Does every item in your home have a place to live? Does your toaster have cupboard space for when you aren’t using it? Does your post have somewhere to go? It’s the small every day things that do start to get on top of us.

Making sure that every item has a place means that your home won’t become a huge overwhelm and more stressful.

Enjoy your home

Once you’re done, enjoy your home. If it doesn’t bring you peace then change what’s bothering you. Your home should be like your palace and should bring you joy and happiness.

Laura x

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