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Including flattering dresses for your body type

Whether you’re getting ready for a day at the office or a night on the town, it’s essential to put together the right articles of clothing so that you look your best before you walk out the door.

It’s also important to remember that what looks great on a friend may not have the same effect on you – which is likely due to the difference in your body types. Remembering a few key points when you’re constructing your outfits or shopping for new clothing will keep you looking your best, no matter what the occasion.

This post helps you to work out which body shape you are.

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Dressing for your body type

This is your complete guide to dressing for your body type. We walk you through how to dress to feel amazing in your own skin.

Pear-Shaped Figures

If you have a pear-shaped figure or hips that are noticeably more pronounced than your waist, there are several fashion options to choose from. This hourglass figure makes it easy to wear medium-length dresses, which elongate the torso; a skirt or dress that is too short can actually make your frame appear shorter.

Since many pear-shaped women tend to have a small bustline, shirts and dresses with an empire waist will accentuate the top half of the body, providing enough give in the middle of the garment to hide any imperfections in the midsection.

Tall/Slim Figures

Women with a slender figure usually don’t have as many curves as a female with a pear shape, so it’s best to wear clothing that gives the body more “shape.” Dresses that are form-fitting at the top with more give at the waist work well for slim women, as well as long tops made with stretch material, accented with pleats or ruffles going down the front of the shirt to both balances and accentuate a long torso.

Wearing large belts that cinch the waist will also give tall figures more curvature. Tights and skinny jeans work well for a woman with slim silhouettes; ankle boots bring more attention to her long legs.

Full/Curvy Figures

Full-figured women almost always have curves, particularly in the waist and hip areas. Finding clothing for this body type can be daunting at times, as it can be tricky to select clothing that properly covers the body while showcasing a woman’s best figure features.

It’s best to go with pants that are smaller in the waist, with giving in the hip and thigh areas for a comfortable and sophisticated fit. Asymmetrical and V-neck tops are great buys for ladies with full figures, especially if they have small busts since these articles of clothing will bring more attention to the top of the body.

Full-figured women should stay away from bulky and oversized clothing, and go for dresses that come mid-calf, flare at the bottom, and are form-fitting at the waist.

Busty Figures

If you’re particularly top-heavy, there are a number of ways to dress your whole body in a way that gives balanced recognition to your bustline.

Extremely tight tops are not the way to go, as this will only bring more attention to the bust and make the rest of the body look shorter. Scoop or cowl-neck sweaters and shirts are best since they show the top portion of the body without being too revealing.

To achieve a more balanced figure, halter dresses and shirts are best, as they showcase the shoulders and back. Classic trench coats and button-up shirts are also practical buys for women who are busty; loosely cinching these items with a belt provides an hourglass shape without making the bust too noticeable.

The perfect clothes for your body shape

If you have an hourglass figure then have a look at v-necklines and form-fitting tops. Open necklines and cinches-in waistlines look great on you.

For a pear-shaped body type, have a look at strapless tops and an a-line skirt. Open-fitted necks and v-necklines look great for formal occasions.

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If you have a rounder body type then anything that shoes off your upper body is key. Show off your apple body with beautiful tops and dresses.

For petite forms make sure you have form-fitting dresses. This helps to give you a shape in most items of clothing.

Laura x

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This is how to dress for your body type. We explain everything from what you should wear and which colours may suit you best by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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