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Including tips on estate agents

Some homes sell faster and better than others on the market for different reasons. Typically, the reasons are market-driven (as it has been for the past couple of years), a list price issue, the number of homes on the market in a given area, or simply a need for a little tweaking to help a home show well.

This post will help you with a quick house sale.

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This is how to sell your house quickly

Here are the five most important things that will help a home to show well (things that a seller can control):

Curb Appeal

The first impression is a lasting one. The first thing prospective buyers see before entering a home is the front exterior of the home. Prospective buyers are constantly driving through neighborhoods. The curb appeal can make or break the wish to see more. Easy fixes like mowing the grass, a little landscaping, and a freshly painted door can make a world of difference.

No Clutter

Clutter detracts from a home. Have you ever opened a closet door only to get hit in the head with a tennis racket that was stuffed in there? How about when you walked into a house with tons of “doodads” everywhere! Clutter can range from the normal junk that we all accumulate over the years to messy closets and drawers to overly used knickknacks and trinkets used to decorate. No matter what it is, homes need to feel less cluttered. Everything in a home on the market needs to have its place.

Don’t forget the garage! Men love a good garage…aka man cave. Make it look expansive by reorganizing and de-cluttering. Get rid of the broken lawnmower, throw out those old sets of clubs that were replaced with new ones five years ago, get shelves for supplies.

A Clean House

This is an important one. Perception is reality. A clean house not only shows better, but it also gives a prospective buyer a better feeling about the home. Keep the floors vacuumed and clean, the kitchen clean, the beds made, furniture dusted, and clothes off the floor. It requires a little extra work (if it piles up), but it pays off.

One thing to do is wipe my kitchen counters down with a fresh-smelling kitchen cleaner right before a showing. When prospective buyers enter the home, the first comment made is, “it smells so clean in here.” That goes so much further than the “fragrance” of baking bread or brownies.


Along the lines of clutter, homes need to feel spacious and open. A good way of accomplishing that is to take out some furniture in a room so that there is more space. No one wants to trip over an ottoman or slide between pieces of furniture. This is very necessary if a home needs to look and feel bigger.

Update A Little

With a lot of homes competing for attention, it is important to look as good as or better than other homes in the neighborhood that are for sale. Updating is as easy as adding some new throw pillows, light fixtures, rugs, and neutralizing wall color or as detailed as updating an entire room like a kitchen with appliances, countertops, etc.

How to get your home valued

Once you are ready to go ahead and sell your home it’s time to get it valued. Start by checking in with all the online estate agents first as they tend to be the cheaper option.

Have a look at sites like Rightmove to give yourself an idea of how much your home could sell for. Having an idea of what the full market value of your house is can help you to decide how much to sell it for.

Get as many estate agents in as you can including your local estate agents. This way, you’ll get an idea of how much they cost and how they would go about trying to sell your property.

Make sure you watch out for any hidden fees. Read all the terms and conditions to make sure that you aren’t going to have to pay anything until you’ve sold your house.

Our favourite online estate agents are:

Purplebrinks – They are expensive but one of the most well-known. They cover the whole of the UK. Their package includes the sale from start to finish plus photos and a full description.

Doorsteps – They offer a range of different packages. They don’t cover the whole of the UK but do offer a 24-hour hotline for any help you need, free property valuation, property site listings, and an account manager that is in charge of selling your home.

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Strike – Strike only currently sell in selected postcodes currently but they don’t charge any fees. They earn their money from any mortgages or insurance you take out through them. They offer support from start to finish and have local experts to help sell your home.

There is a lot of competition out there…neighbours, the homes around the corner and down the street. Following these steps can help put a home on the shortlist of potential buyers. Good luck!

Laura x

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This post is about how to sell your home quickly. We walkthrough tips on how to make your home more sellable by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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