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Just a few years ago, video dating wasn’t even on our radar. Now, alongside online dating, video dating is another way that you can connect with like-minded singles.

It’s getting more and more popular, with it being a legit way to date online if you prefer the face-to-face approach.

Think of it this way, you only need to dress your top half. Win!

We run through why video dating is now popular and how you can make it work for you.

The pond opens up

Online dating means that you can meet anyone from anywhere. You can connect online then move to video calling when you feel like your relationship is at the right place for a face-to-face.  Video dating means that if your new beau does live miles away then you still get to see each other and experience those meaningful moments that you wouldn’t normally get.

Opening up your social circle is a great way to meet new people. Have a look at Buckinghamshire Dating Site to find other singles like yourself.

No pressure

Online dating and video calling takes the pressure off and any expectations of an after dinner kiss off the table. This means that you can truly enjoy your calls and get to know the person better before the physical part of a relationship starts.

Feeling emotionally connected first is a really important step when looking for a longer term relationship.

Try as many dating sites UK as you can. This may mean playing the field a little but it can help you find the person that best matches your personality.

It takes anyway any awkwardness

We all know that first dates can feel mega cringe, but by having yours via video call not only gives you an out if you need it (gotta go, I hear the doorbell), it’s also super cheap then meeting in a bar or restaurant.

Many websites and apps give you the option to video call without having to exchange numbers so you can have a chat first before swapping any major digits.

Virtual dates offer more

There’s no reason why you can’t have more than one date online before you meet face-to-face. Let’s be honest, it takes a while to really feel a small spark for someone you barely know. It’s better to figure out if that person is for you online then meeting face-to-face and having to let them down.

A virtual online date can be anything from exploring a virtual tour of a museum together or enjoying a cocktail night over Zoom. Anything is possible when you are dating online.

What have you got to lose?

Online dating is here to stay so why not fully embrace it. Video chatting and texting is a great way to weed out the good eggs from the bad while helping you to loosen up and really get to know that person in front of you.

If you like the idea of being swept off your feet or are scared you’ll miss out on the cupid arrow moment then think again. The great thing about online dating is that you get the feel of someone before you meet up with them. Meaning no more timewasters or those wondering hands after a few glasses of wine.

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