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This is what to get your mum for Mother’s day

With Mother’s Day coming up, many people will be searching for the perfect gift to get their moms. Times have changed, and the tradition of flowers and a card doesn’t work anymore with modern times.

Most modern women lead very busy lives, so they need a gift that will make them feel special while they are on the go. If your mother has a special hobby that she indulges in her free time, there are gifts that would make that hobby more enjoyable. There are also gifts that can accommodate any budget as well.

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The best Mother’s day gifts

If you have a mum that is constantly on the go, a great gift would be personalized M&M’s. At, you can choose the color of the candy that you want as well as a personalized message. That way, your mom can snack on these yummy chocolate candies no matter where she is. The price for the personal M&M’s is around £40. This is also a perfect gift for the mom who is a sweet tooth as well.

Do you have a stylish mom that always wants to try the latest trends? If your mom never fits into the bland crowd of those homely looking women with their “mum” jeans, then the “mini shopping bag make up palette” bag from Sephora is perfect for your trendy mum.

This make-up palette features an assortment of different coloured lip glosses and eye shadows. If you do not have a Sephora store near you, this item can be purchased online at The makeup shopping bag palette costs £15.

Does your mom seem to live at her office? Let her know she is still loved, even if she has to spend long hours away from home, by getting her a set of buckyballs. Buckyballs are magnetic balls that can be stuck together in a variety of structures. The buckyballs come in pink, and they are a perfect desktop distraction.

Does your mom have a sweet tooth? Buy her a cheesecake from the Cheese Cake Factory. The cakes come in 7 inches or 10 inches. Some of the flavors that the cakes come in are, of course, plain, red velvet, Reese’s peanut butter cup, plus many more. These cheesecakes can be purchased from stores or online. Prices range from around £24 to £55.

Times have changed with mothers. Their styles have evolved into much more than the stereotype of the 1950’s housewife. Although you should make your mother feel special all the time, it is always good to make her feel extra special on Mother’s Day. There is a gift out there for any type of mom. It doesn’t matter whether you have £20 or £60; you can still get your mom a great gift that she will enjoy.

Personalised mother’s day gifts

We have found the best Mother’s day gift ideas that you can use to give to your mum.

Photo upload cushion *- If you are looking for a personalised photo cushion then have a look at this Personalised Cushion Cover Printed Photo Gift. It can be machine washable and is 40cm by 40cm.

Personalised cards* – If you are looking for personalised cards then have a look at Amazon’s card section here. It’s full of loads of mother’s day cards and has everything you are looking for.

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Mtianxy Women Double-Layer Pu Leather Jewellery Box* – This jewellery box is a great way to give your mum a personlised gift. It has two layers and is perfect for mum to keep all her jewellery in.

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These are the best Mother's day gifts for mums that are really hard to buy for. Our list gives you extra items for that perfect gift by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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