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Are you tempted to try online dating but scared to put your toes in the water? Dating online is a great way to meet new people that you’d probably never come into contact with using a traditional dating method.

The world of online dating means that you can give love a chance, regardless of where you and that special someone live.

These are 7 top reasons why you should try online dating now.

Getting started is easy

If you are scared about getting back out there then online dating is a great way to get get started. You can really take your time with your online profile so that you come across how you feel you want too. This takes nay anxiety away and gives you the power to outline who you want to meet without being put on the spot.

This Essex Dating Site is great for first time online daters who want to find like-minded people.

There’s no rush

Unlike other in-person dating methods there really is no rush when you date online. It gives you that extra layer of comfort knowing that if all you want to go is text each other than you can. There doesn’t have to be that awkward first face to face meeting until you are completely ready.

Be picky

Online dating puts you completely in control of who you talk too. There’s no awkward silences like face to face first meetings. You can “play the field” a bit without feeling like you are hurting anyone’s feelings. Check out all the profiles so you can get a feel for the people to you wouldn’t mind connecting with.

Don’t give up

Like with everything in life, there’s going to be ups and downs. Please don’t give up if the first or tenth person you talk to turns out to be a dud. There will be someone out there that’s perfect for you but you do have to give it time and most likely compromise.

There’s loads of different sites out there and there is no reason why you can’t be on all of them at once. Free dating websites are a great place to start chatting with like-minded people like you.

Try someone new

Try not to go for your normal “type”. Online dating gives you the perfect opportunity to talk to people that you may not dare talk to in real life. Extend your social circle and chat to as many people as you can. If you are a little shy, don’t worry. Online dating means that you can hide a little behind your screen and find out what a person is like before you arrange a meeting.

Say yes

One of the best things about online dating is that you can say yes to as many people as you like without feeling like you are cheating on anyone. Say yes instead of no and watch your dating opportunities flourish. You never know who you could meet by just making the first move. What’s the worst that could happen?!

Be honest

All relationships, including friendships start with honesty. Be straightforward about what you are looking for in a partner. This means that you are more likely to connect to like-minded people that you’ll get on with. Chatting online first means that you’ll quickly work out if they are just looking for a fling or true love without any awkward half guess work.

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