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This is how to create the best outdoor space

Creating a useful space outside of a home is actually just as easy as creating one indoors; the difference is the weather, and outdoor critters need to figure into the plan.

Each region of the world has a different climate and different wildlife that play into outdoor decorating, so this must be considered specific to each area. But there are some general tips, guidelines, and ideas that can make creating a beautiful outdoor room a snap.

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Think About the Weather

As mentioned above, the weather for any particular region must be considered when planning an outdoor space, but most places will have to deal with some sun and some rain. Buying waterproof or resistant fabrics is wise, so they can stay outside and not have to be carted back and forth. Look for the structure of the furniture to be weatherproofed as well.

*Decorator’s Tip. To customize outdoor fabrics purchase plain fabrics in bright colors and then use outdoor paints and stencils (found at any craft store) to add visual appeal and interest and create an outdoor look that is not like anyone else’s.

Use Lighting

Why end the party when the sun goes down. Find creative ways to use lighting to spruce up an outside area and keep guests around for more fun after sunset. But don’t go overboard because too much light outside at night can be annoying to guests and to the neighbors.

*Budget Tip. Outdoor lighting doesn’t have to be expensive; use strings of holiday lights and run them along a fence line, deck railings, and in trees.

Little Luxuries

Anyone can put out a table and some chairs for a picnic, but an outdoor room takes a bit more work. It’s those little luxuries and accessories that make it special, so stock up on things that complement the space. Whether it’s grilling accessories or supplies, an outdoor buffet stacked with plates and utensils, a few knickknacks that give the area a little personality, or some lawn games to get everyone active; add something that makes that space unique.

Comfortable Conditions

Boost the comfort level of outdoor accommodations in any way you can. Uncomfortable chairs can be softened by adding throw pillows or a padded cushion. Apple crates can be painted and decorated and then serve as both storage and footstools. A soft outdoor carpet can protect bare feet from rough and hot surfaces. And sometimes, a large oscillating fan can stir up still air and create just the perfect breeze.

Create Imaginary Walls

One of the great joys of being outside is there are no walls, and quite often, the view is a bonus as well. Take advantage of this by creating imaginary boundaries, so there is a sense of the “wilderness” beyond. Use plants or a retaining wall to mark off the outdoor area and give it a little separation from the rest of the space. It will set the area apart and make it seem much more special.

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Treat an outdoor space as an indoor one when decorating by thinking of comfort, function, lighting, and personalized pieces. Consider the traffic flow and the conversation areas so guests are comfortable and they flock into the predesigned spots.

Laura x

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These are the best outdoor decorating ideas that can help you have the garden of your dreams. These are all easy things to do by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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