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Painting tins and brushes

Including painting and decorating tools

Interior decorating doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s easy to make a few small home decor changes that can have a big impact. All it takes is a little creativity.

In need of a change but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Don’t worry; there are tons of things that can be done to give a home a decorating update without breaking the bank. So put away your wallet and get your creative home décor juices flowing for a mini decorating makeover.

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Painting and decorating for beginners

Paint is the home décor enthusiast’s best friend. A fresh coat of paint can refresh, revitalize, or even completely change the look of a room. Whether it’s used on the walls, furniture, or somewhere else altogether, paint is an inexpensive way to make a big change.

Here are a few ways to make a drastic impact with a can of paint.

Paint the kitchen cabinets. It can be done on a weekend, and it will make it feel like you’ve had a kitchen renovation at a fraction of the cost. Or just paint the insides of the cupboards for a colourful surprise every time you open one of the doors.

Find an inexpensive and tired-looking chandelier at a yard sale or flea market. Spray paint it white for a fresh look.

Purchase a bunch of old frames or mirrors at a yard sale and spray paint them all the same color. Hang them together for a unified art gallery effect.

Create your own wainscoting by painting the bottom third of the wall a different color than the top.

Paint a lampshade in an unexpected colour

Paint the inside of a bookshelf or armoire. It can make a standard piece unique and personal.

Instead of white, paint the ceiling and trim a lighter shade of whatever’s on the walls.

Paint the front door a new color.

Rearrange the Furniture

A lot can be done with furniture to change the look of a room without having to go out and buy new items. Move a few things around and be amazed at the difference.

Rearrange the furniture in the living room. It will make the space feel fresh and new. Move the bed so that it’s in front of the window.

Get rid of any furniture you don’t use. Seriously! Why are you keeping it?

Slipcover a chair or stool in a fresh new fabric.

Add a long bench at the end of the bed. It will give the room a more finished look.

Dress up a plain footstool or ottoman by tacking nailheads around the edge.

Put a small side table or chair next to the bathtub. It’s a great place to put down a book or glass of wine, or in the case of a chair, a great place for someone to sit and chat while you’re in the tub.

Replace the living room coffee table with an ottoman or a couple of tabouret stools. It will make space feel a bit more casual, and it will provide extra seating if necessary.

Change and Move Accessories

There’s no end to what can be done with accessories. Use a little imagination and play around with accessories, big and small.

Gather all the accessories in the home that are the same color and place them together on a table or bookshelf. It will create a dramatic impact.

Trim plain curtains with a pretty ribbon.

Change cabinet knobs and hardware in the kitchen.

Use jewelry as display pieces and drape them over objects or place them in bowls. Why hide them away in boxes?

Add some toss cushions to a sofa or chair.

Cover books in plain craft paper. It will create a unified look and protect the books.

Hang matching mirrors on opposite walls to open up space.

Use a tray to corral accessories on a coffee table, chest, or desk. It creates a cohesive, pulled-together look.

Instead of pictures, try putting a piece of fabric or wallpaper in a frame and hang it on the wall.

There are so many things that can be done to give a home an update or décor boost without spending a lot of money. Remember, small changes can make a big difference.

Painting and decorating tools

If you are a beginner at painting and decorating then you are going to need the right tools to help you get the right paint finish.

These painting tools can help you save time and start painting correctly. Our favorite tools for doing it yourself painting and decorating are:

Masking tape

We use Frog Tape Yellow Delicate Surface Painters Masking Tape 36mm x 41.1m* which is a great way to cut in the walls for interior painting. Put it between the skirting boards and the wall for a crisp line finish. You can also use it to make different shapes on your wall.

Cloth drop

Cloth drops or dust sheets are a must for protecting your carpets or floors. Make sure you have enough to cover your whole floor as accidents do happen and it’s better paint lands on these clothes than on your floor. We have used Drop Cloth Dust Sheet Extra Heavy Duty Premium Cotton Bolton Twill Dust Sheet* in the past which work pretty well.


We have used this Harris 101092004 Walls & Ceilings Essentials Decorating Set 11 Pieces before. You may need a couple of these depending on what colour you are painting the walls. We brought two. One for our white base colour and then one for our darker finish layer. If you wash them after use you may be able to use them again.

We love these Coral 31417 Zero Paint Brushes with No Loss of Bristle Paintbrush Heads 5 Piece Pack Set*. These give you a smooth finish and come in a range of different sizes that are perfect for any painting job. Use the smaller ones for the edges at the end and the bigger ones to fill in any gaps after you have rolled the paint on.

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A good ladder

It’s hard to be able to reach the ceiling without having a good ladder to stand on. We choose one that we can fold away and use again when needed. Our choice was this one called Home Vida 4-Step Steel Portable Folding Heavy Duty Ladder*. It’s got no wobble and worked great when trying to roll on paint on the ceiling.

Laura x

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These are the only painting and decorating tips that you'll need! It's easy to make a few small home decor changes that can have a big impact by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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