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Moscow park

These are the best parks in Moscow

A description of three parks worth visiting whilst one is in Moscow. There are numerous beautiful parks, in which one can walk and enjoy a picnic with friends. Here are three parks worth exploring:


The Exhibition Complex, formerly known as the Exhibition of National Economic Achievement (1939), was first opened in 1959. The pavilions are typical examples of Soviet architecture dating from the 1930s to the 1950s. Located down the center, one can view two magnificent fountains named, Friendship of the Peoples and Stone Flower.

This park can be described as part agricultural fair, part trade expo, part shopping center, and part street market. There is an amusement park, and one can enjoy such past-times as paint-balling, camel rides, or bike-riding.

A must-see in the summer-time when the fountains are working and at their most spectacular.

The park can be reached by metro, stopping at VDNKh, on the Orange line.

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Victory Park

This memorial park was opened in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. The central avenue is called “Years of War.” The avenue contains 1418 fountains – one for each day of the war. It passes the Orthodox Church of St George, a mosque, a synagogue, and reaches Victor’s Place, which has a triangular obelisk of 150m adorned with the Goddess of Victory.

Behind the obelisk, one can visit the crescent-shaped Museum of the Great Patriotic War, dedicated to the events of 1941-1945.

The park becomes the center of great celebrations in Moscow on the 9th of May. Victory day is one of the most popular public holidays in Russia celebrated by the remaining veterans, survivors, and the younger generations. This is definitely a good time to visit the park as long as you don’t mind the traffic or crowds.

The park can be reached via the dark Blue line, stopping at park Pobedy.


In 1775 Catherine the Great decided to build a residence in the park. The Russian architect Vasily Bazhenov was assigned the task of designing and constructing the palace. However, Catherine was unsatisfied with it and ordered it to be partly torn down.

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While exploring the park, one can come across several pavilions, pergolas, arbors, artificial caves, decorative bridges, a Russian orthodox temple called Source of Life, and a modern recreation center with a classy restaurant. A few of the buildings house the Russian Museum of Folk and Applied Art.

It is a beautiful park to walk through for anyone wanting a bit of peace from the bustle of city life.

The park can be reached by metro, stopping at Tsaritsyno, on the dark Green line.

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These are the best parks to visit in Moscow! They are fun, full of green land and local history. How many have you visited by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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