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There’s loads of places around the world to visit in February

February may be the end of Winter for us Brits, where we brace harsh snow, rain, sleet, and cold sunny days, but it is also a popular month to go on holiday or take a trip somewhere new. There are many popular locations all over the world that you could go and visit, and whether you are chasing the sun, or just want to experience a nicer winter’s day, here are some of the best places to visit in February. 

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Best places to visit in February.

These are the best places to visit in February. Get away from the colder months and travel to warmer climates.

Melbourne, Australia

Let’s start with an obvious one, Melbourne, Australia. February is actually their Summer, so you are guaranteed the beautiful sunshine and warmth. It isn’t as hot as January, but you can still expect gloriously warm days, which could be what you are craving on a cold February day. Melbourne has been voted as one of the most liveable cities in the world, and with a vibrant city on the coast, it has so much to offer. Beautiful beaches, a bustling city centre, and plenty to see and do, what more could you want?

Singapore, Asia

If you are wanting an Asian escape, then Singapore has fast become a hot spot to go these last few years, and February is the ideal time to do it. It is the wet season, but this makes it feel less humid as the temperature can be quite high. There are beautiful gardens, fabulous places where you can enjoy some of the best street food there is, and some amazing sites to explore. A unique location for a trip in February. 

Ibiza, Spain

You may be thinking that heading anywhere in Europe is a waste of time in February but there are some amazing places that are perfect for this time of year and one of them is Ibiza, Spain. Winter on the White isle is not as fast-paced as you may expect. It is out of season, so there aren’t many big events in the clubs that can be overwhelming, and there are some iconic and beautiful locations to the North of the island. An amazing way to experience Ibiza from a different point of view. 

Paris, France

Another European location and one for the romantic amongst you and that is Paris, France. The city of love and as February is the month of love with Valentine’s day this could be high on the agenda for a visit. The Effiel Tower, the Louvre, the fabulous designer shops, and stunning restaurants, what more could you want? Yes, the temperature is not as warm as you might like, but if you have to experience the cold weather you may as well do it in lush surroundings. 

The Canary Islands, Spain 

The Canary Islands are a popular destination for a winter break, and with a few different ones to choose from you are spoiled for choice. You could head to Lanzarote, the windy island perfect for surfing and exploring the volcanoes. Maybe it is Tenerife with the iconic black volcanic sandy beaches. Or perhaps Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura are more your scene.

You are likely to get warm and sunny days and while you won’t be reaching the temperatures you expect in the summer, the islands are a pleasant place to go to for some winter sun. 

Copenhagen, Denmark 

Maybe you like the idea of experiencing winter just in another location and Copenhagen in Denmark is a great place to do it. You may be getting temperatures close to freezing, but the surroundings make it all worthwhile. The Danes are said to be some of the happiest people in the world and that is because they practice something called Hygge. Which is to do with feeling cosy, warm, grateful, and content. Copenhagen is a hipster-cool city and a great palace to experience something a little different. 

The Bahamas

If you want to guarantee your sunshine then heading to the white sandy beaches and crystal blue oceans of The Bahamas could be on the cards. The Bahamas is one of those beautiful places that feel like a dream come true when you get there. It is a taste of paradise where you can walk along the shore, enjoy cocktails in the sun, and feel completely relaxed. 

Venice, Italy

Finally, another beautiful city break is heading to Venice in Italy. Enjoy authentic Italian food and explore the streets and city that is on water. You could take a trip on a boat or enjoy a gondola ride. There are many things to see and do in Venice, and while the weather isn’t always warm you can expect many sunny days in February. 

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Hopefully, this has given you some inspiration for some of the best places to visit in February. 

Laura x

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These are the best places to visit in February around the world! There's no need to stay in the UK and out up with all our bad weather by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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