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Here are 29 ways to help you reduce Christmas stress with free printables too by Laura at My Beautiful Mess #Christmas #Stress #SelfHelpo

Including ways to be better organised at Christmas

We’re all told it should be the most wonderful time of the year but for many of us, it’s certainly the most stressful.

Holiday depression is common so we’ve put together some top tips to try and help reduce your Christmas stress.

Many people feel overwhelmed by the amount their is to do or feel like they most do to have a great Christmas.

The feeling of having no money, building debt and buying the perfect gifts can all build up to holiday blues.

Stress really isn’t great for our body. It’s not only bad for our mental health causing anxiety but it can also raise our blood pressure and could cause other health-related issues if not kept in check.

Research shows that throughout the Christmas period many more of us have heart attacks or break downs throughout the festive season. We tend to drink more and eat more than any of time in the year. This is why any holiday stress needs to be sorted quickly before it turns into more.

Before Christmas even starts try to remember:

  1. To not overspend. Many of us believe that the more presents the better but this isn’t the case. Coming out with more debt then you started can have a real financial impact on the rest of the year.

          2.  Set a budget and stick to it. Work out how much you can afford to spend and don’t go over however much you want to.

          3.  Avoid temptation. It can be easy to get carried away in the sales but unless you have a clear reason to buy something then leave it be.

          4. Be realistic. If you can’t afford much this Christmas it’s ok. Christmas is about family and spending time together.

         5.  Set expectations. Let family know if you can’t afford gifts. Suggest a secret santa through the whole family so that you only have to buy one gift.

        6. With all the cooking, buying and general Christmas organising it can be easy to forget how to de-stress and take a step back.

Reducing Stress Printables

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If you know that you’re prone to getting stressed at Christmas time then please use our FREE printables. They include meal plans for when you can’t think of meals and Christmas list templates for when you need to write down who you want to buy for.

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Reducing Stress

These 29 tips will help you to reduce your Christmas stress and remind you that you can get everything done while staying calm.

  1. Use our Holiday Tracker now to start planning. That way you don’t have to think about what to do. Just follow the list to a successful Christmas.

          2. Take a step back. Is there anything on our holiday list that fills you with dread? Tackle that first so it’s done or split it up over a week so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

         3. Remember that you are good enough. None of us are perfect even if we show the world that we are. Do you need a real tree? Will it stress you out more having one? Take the pressure off yourself.

        4. Unsure what to buy? Why not do experiences instead? Organize a family breakfast for after the Christmas season or a day out for everyone. Spending time together is far more important.

        5. Drop the traditions. Don’t have time to make the Christmas reef this year? Fine. Don’t want the hassle of a gingerbread house? Leave it. We love our family traditions but if it’s making you feel stressed then it’s certainly not worth it. Spending time with the ones you love de-stressed is far more important.

       6. Decide what’s important to you. Is having a massive family Christmas dinner with all the bells and whistles important? Or the best-decorated tree? Whatever you feel like is important should be done and everything else can wait.

      7. Sit and smell the lemons. Did you know that the smell of lemon is meant to pick up your mood? Have a hot glass of honey and lemon and re-asses what you need to do. If the plan needs to change then it changes.

      8. Ask for some support. We all feel like we should be able to plan Christmas alone but we don’t need too. Ask for help from friends and family to help take the weight off.

     9. Have fun! Christmas is the holiday to spend with your loved ones as they’d much prefer you chilled out having an imperfect Christmas then be stressed out with a perfect one.

    10. Talk if you’re not coping. De-stress by telling a friend or phone a helpline just to chat. You’ll be surprised the weight that will be lifted once you’ve spoken to someone else who understands the pressure you feel.

    11. If you’re going away for Christmas then pack smart. You don’t need to worry if you’ve forgotten anything. Unless you’re doing to the desert then there are shops you can buy whatever you’ve forgotten.

    12. Leave early to reduce your travel stress. If you’re flying try to get to the airport two hours earlier then normal so you can check-in and not queue. Then sit back and relax. If you’re driving again leave early or even better overnight to reduce your traffic stress.

    13. Stick to what you know. If you have a daily routine then try and stick to it even over the Christmas period.

    14. Take a break once a week leading up to Christmas. Turn off all things Christmas and forgot about it for a bit. A break will help you re-focus and approach it calmer.

    15. Do something that makes you smile daily.

    16. Give back a little. Helping at your local soup kitchen or offering a seat at your Christmas table can help you re-find your Christmas spirit.

    17. Stock up on supplies early. Many online and high street shops start selling Christmas wrappings from October right through to January. Have enough so you don’t have to worry about buying more.

   18. Have items gift wrapped for you. Even Amazon offer a free gift-wrapping service.

   19. Do your online research. Have a list of what you want to buy (use our gift tracker so you can remember what you’ve brought) and check prices. That way when you go to the high street if you see the item cheaper you can grab it tehre and then.

   20. When it’s time to hit the shops then have a plan. Do all your gift shopping over one day only. Know what you’re going to buy so you can be in and out of a shop quickly.

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    21. If the thought of the Christmas queues leave you with the sinking feeling try and search out the customer service desk. Ask them to serve you. Many will without the stress.

    22. If you’ve brought items that may need to be put together ask or pay someone to do it. It’s better to feel calmer knowing that the item has been made correctly.

   23. Stick to what you know. Christmas doesn’t mean a fancy meal. Lay the table like you normally would but add a candle. Keeping the day itself simple can help you reduce stress.

  24. Time savers. Can you buy frozen vegetables so you don’t have to peel? Could you have your food delivered? None of these ideas may seem “perfect” but no-one will know!

   25. Pick a simple colour scheme. For an easy yet stunning Christmas colour scheme pick reds and golds. Almost every shop sells those colours and you can match the wrapping paper too without having to go out of your way.

   26. Use what you have. Many people love homemade gifts. Go to your local craft shop and paint some cups or plates or ask the staff to write something on them. That personlised gift will be their favorite.

   27. Only spend half an hour cleaning each room. You don’t need a show home!

   28. Say no more. Any cater for your close friends or family. While it’s nice to have extended family around if you don’t think you can handle it this year then say so.

   29. Pin these ideas for when you do feel stressed. Pulling these up and having them to hand could help bring down your anxiety about the whole holiday. Remember to follow us on Pinterest while you’re there.

Feeling positive throughout the festive season can really make a big difference to how you feel and how your Christmas will go.

Starting early, remembering that no one is perfect and that you are trying your best are great mantras to keep in your head at all times.

Laura x

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