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Are you looking for your own space to relax and re-charge in? Then have a look at a She Shed and how having one can help you de-stress by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

A shed with a bench outside

We’ve all heard of man caves, but have you heard of the She Shed? This is a space designed just for you wether it’s for you to enjoy a hobby somewhere quiet or a place that is just yours for self-care.

It’s more important than ever to make sure that we all get some precious ‘me time’. Having a space that is just for you can help you to recharge and reduce stress.

What is a She Shed?

A She Shed is your own personal space that you can go to relax. Think of it like the traditional Man Cave. The big difference is though that while a Man Cave may also include storing the garden tools, a She Shed is more about having a place you go to do to chill out. A place that re-fills you mentally.

Traditionally, a Man Cave used to be a room in the house that only he could go in. Now, the Man Cave and She Shed have moved to more beautiful outside spaces that incorporate the garden and become complete places for escapism.

Why have a She Shed?

She Sheds can be used for loads of different things. If you have a hobby, then it can be a place that you can go to relax and enjoy it. The room could be a place where you enjoy a good book and recharge. A place where you bring friends to socialize and enjoy company or even your own small gym.

Just because it’s called a “She Said” doesn’t mean it has to be girly or even feminine. It can be and look whoever you want. It could become a games room, a bar, a studio or your own cinema room.

Why buy a She Shed?

If you are lacking room in your home or have nowhere that is just yours then a She Shed is perfect. It’s a space that makes you happy. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be practical too. If storing items in your She Shed makes you happy then do that.

It is a space that is dedicated to making you happy through and through.

Think of a She Said as an extension to your garden. It doesn’t have to be an eyesore like most traadtional garden sheds are. Think of it as an extra room in your garden. You could paint the outside any colour so it blends in or sticks out. Let you creative nature take over. Make it a room that really works for you.

How to make a She Shed

A white shed with leaves growing over the top

She Sheds are very easy to make. If you have a traditional garden shed already then you can use that! Try to stop thinking of a normal shed in that way.

Here are our five tips on how to make a She Shed out of your unloved traditional garden shed.

If you don’t have a shed already then have a look here at these very simple sheds that are inexpensive and can be adapted for your own creative use.

1. Have a clear out

Go through your garden shed and be brutal. When was the last time you rode your bike or used the garden rake? If you haven’t touched the item in six-months then it’s time for it to go.

2. Have a think about what the new room is for

Do you need a space to unwind after a tough day? A room that is just for you without the family? Think about the space you have and how you can use it in the best possible way.

Then start to think about what you’ll need for this space to work. Do you need:

an internet connection?

All things to think about before you jump straight in.

3. Check your She Shed is stable

If you are using a new shed then it’s probably going to be fine in a storm but an old shed might leak. Nothing is worse then setting up your own space and finding it trashed just a few days later.

Stand in your shed when it’s light to see if you can find any gaps. Rain can get in even the smallest of holes. Make sure that any windows are doors are reinforced too.

4. Decorate your shed

What your shed looks like on the outside is just as important as on the inside. Have a think about how you will fill when you look out of your window and look at it. It needs to make you feel happy or less stressed or whatever feeling you want to fill.

5. Interiors are key

Now it’s time to kit your new She Shed out. If you are looking for a small reading area then just a soft chair or sofa with a lovely bookcase might do. If it’s your studio then you might need to go more creative and splash the colour around.

Have a look at Wayfair for some beautiful furniture inspiration. 

She Shed Ideas for Your Garden

A log with a table cloth with a purple jug and white cup

If you haven’t got a She Shed but love the idea of one, then have a look at these five creative She Shed ideas. They might just help you get those creative juices flowing. Have a look at our Pinterest board called Relaxing Spaces for more ideas.

Garden room

Bring the outside inside with a relaxing garden room. It could become an extension of your current garden with wide-open doors and plants that thrive in a small space.

Have a soft chair that puts you right in the middle of this relaxing space.

Office space

Being an office, the size really doesn’t matter. It could be little, bright and have everything you need to make yourself more productive.

You can have it insulated so that in the winter months it’s not too cold and have full-blown internet access to boot.

Relaxing inside space

Think of this as your room to unwind. It could be a place for you to mediate or a spa-style room for you to relax and re-charge.

Get some giant pillows to put on the floor, a small waterfall or feature and keep the room light and airy if possible.

Workout room

This is your room to be who you want to be. Have a soft flooring inserted so you don’t need a yoga mat. Find creative storage solutions for your weights and have a speaker system sorted so that when you need music you have it ready.

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Gaming room

What more do you need then comfy chairs and a huge TV? Make everything as wireless as possible to stop any issues with wires. Maybe have a mini fridge installed for cold drinks too.

As you can see, whatever room you want to create a She Shed is perfect for any woman that wants and needs a space for herself.

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Are you looking for your own space to relax and re-charge in? Then have a look at a She Shed and how having one can help you de-stress by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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