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Including ways to sleep better and relax

Are you like so many people who are feeling totally overwhelmed and stressed? If so, you are not the only one. This leaves many people looking for ways to minimize their daily stress levels.

Stress can cause you to turn too many unhealthy habits that really aren’t good for your long term health. One way to beat stress is to try and take control by realising what is causing you stress and finding ways to reduce it.

It could be changing jobs, sorting out your morning routine or chatting to the loved ones in your life about how everyone can help around the house.

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Reduce stress tips

These are all really simple but very effective ways to reduce your stress. None of them beat actually tackling what is making you stressed but they can help calm you and help you think more clearly in a stressful situation.

Get active

Exercise is a great way to reduce your stress. When you feel yourself getting worked up, get outside and go for a walk. You don’t have to go for a run but all those exercise endorphins can help you to think clearly and calm your heart rate.

Take control

If you situation seems lost then its time take back control. What can you do to change what’s happening? If you can not do anything then forget about it and move on. That may sound easier said then done but if you can’t change it then leave it behind.

Change activity

Stop whatever you are doing and do something different. Sometimes just taking a ten to fifteen-minute break really helps. When you come back to what you were doing, you will feel energized!

Breath more

When you get that anxious feeling coming on, try doing a breathing exercise. If you do not know one off hand, then you can do a little research online to find one that works for you. You might entertain the idea of taking a yoga class, so you get the maximum benefits of your breathing.

Change your environment

Get up and walk around or go somewhere. Changing your environment can do wonders for your mood.

Enjoy yourself

Sometimes, when you splurge on yourself, it actually releases endorphins giving you a sense of pleasure. It does not have to be anything expensive. Just a little something to treat yourself with.

Do something good

Do a good deed for someone. This works really well. When you do something nice for someone else, it makes you have a “warm and fuzzy” feeling inside. It is a great way to take your mind off of your problems and focus on helping someone else.

Say no

Learn to say no. So many times, the cause of our stress is not knowing our own limitations. We get put into situations where we feel bad if we do not do what is asked of us. This can cause us to be over-extended, which leads us to be really stressed. We must learn to evaluate the situation before we take it on. Know if you really can handle it, and if you cannot, then decline whatever is being asked of you to do.

Play music

Play some upbeat and happy music. Sing and dance around even if you do not know the words. The important thing is to have fun with it! This will help you release some pinned-up anxiety.


Laughter is my favorite way to relieve stress! There are many health benefits as a result of laughter, such as decreasing the level of stress hormones in the body as well as helping our body fight infection. But that is not all it will do for you.

It has been said that moods are contagious, and people who laugh a lot give off a good vibe. If you laugh and have a good time, then before you know it, people who are around you will do the same thing.

Everyone’s mood will be altered by laughter. Laughter is definitely social. It causes people to bond in a positive way. Learn to laugh and have a good time.

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All of us get stressed from time to time, and there is no way really around it. The main thing we need to know is what we can do when we encounter it.

The tips in this article are really simple, but they are also very effective when used. If you incorporate them into your everyday life, you will probably be shocked at how much more calm you feel.

Laura x

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This is our complete guide to how to stress less as an adult. We walk you through simple tips that will help to calm your mind and body by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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