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If you are single and looking to hook up over the Valentine’s period then you may be in luck. Valentine’s Day is well known for being a great time to meet someone as all the stigma of dating goes out the window. I mean, who wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day, right?

You may feel like a very small fish in a very large pond but be dismayed. Using dating apps could help you to narrow down your choices before the big day.

Use our simple tips below to win over any potential partner and make sure you aren’t dining alone this year.

You have a partner but they just aren’t that into you

We’ve all met the type, right? You’re pretty sure they’re the one but they don’t seem to know it.

It may sound simple but spend as much time with them as possible. Humans are sociable creatures, and according to psychologists in the US, we have a greater affinity to others that we see and talk to regularly.

Make eye contact. Smile. Ask leading questions and faint as much interest as possible.

Have a partner but their family are questionable?

You may have to suck this one up if you really like them. If the mother on law is nosy then maybe thank her for being thoughtful. Father in law too touchy? Thank him for welcoming you into the family.

Highlight your similarities with your own family (if you can) and ask a small favor. Like, how did they cook that lovely dinner or where did they get that dress from? Asking favors even if you don’t mean them is a great way of getting the in-laws on side.

Single and looking for love?

Make a checklist of what you’re looking for in a partner. When you have it, pick only one thing that you will NOT compromise on. Everything else you have too. Keep your mind open to different personality types. Compromising may bring you luck.

Try talking to strangers. It’s a weird one I know but if you see someone giving you the eye then take the next step. Smile, approach, and see where the conversion takes you.

You always have dating apps and websites as back-ups. Try a dating agency Hampshire if you are local or another closer to you which may be able to match you with someone in your area. Don’t brush all dating sites with the same brush. Try and a few and see how you go.Give that first day a second go. We all have nervy first dates and you don’t truly know someone until you’ve met them a few times. Hampshire dating or sites similar can help match you to people who live near you.

Talk about yourself a little but let them get a word in too. Chatting about your day job is great if that’s your passion but try and read the room. Are you boring them? When was the last time they spoke? Try and find out five things about them that you could talk about next time.

You plan where you meet. Sometimes, taking that pressure on yourself instead of waiting for someone else to decide where to go can be a big turn on. Pick the place and meet. This shows that you are eager (even if you aren’t) to meet up. Look at the bright side, at least you won’t be alone on Valentine’s day!

This is why Valentine's day is the best time to find a date including tips on what to do if you are dating or if you are single by Laura

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