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Flower bulbs

Including when to plant bulbs in Spring

Knowing when to plant in spring is half the battle of successful gardening. Gardeners who plant too early end up with dead or damaged crops while gardeners who plant too late wait longer to get harvests.

Timing is important and the best way to get the timing down is by combining research and experimentation. Be sure to keep accurate notes of both successes and failures.

If you are a beginner to planting in spring then don’t worry. All the flowers we have suggested below are easy to grow and look great in any size garden.

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Bulbs to plant in spring for summer

These 5 tips will help your bulbs to grow in the spring ready for the summer months.

Cold Frame Advantages

The use of cold frames or tunnel houses will let you get an earlier start on the growing season. Cold frames or tunnel houses do not need to be fancy. It is possible to make these items out of wood, straw, glass or plastic.

What is needed is an enclosed frame such as four bales of straw put together to make a square with an opening in the center and a way to cover the frame. An old window laid on top of the straw will work.

Frost Cover

Frost cover can be used alone or used inside of cold frames. The trick with frost cover is to make sure it is suspended above the plants. If the frost cover touches the plants, it will cause damage to occur. Remember it is moist inside of these structures. Water rises in the day, then drops back down at night as temperatures cool.

The frost cover allows water to go through it to the plants, however, some may remain on the frost cover causing it to freeze. The frost cover freezing on the plant foliage is what would cause damage if the frost cover were allowed to touch the plants.

Gardeners who start with seeds should set up the frost cover as if the plants were already in place to offer the ultimate in protection to young germinating seedlings.

Early Season Vegetables

Once your gardening supplies are ready to go and the ground is prepared, the next step is to know when to plant in the spring. Early bird gardeners who do not mind working in the cold know early-season vegetables can be sown come January in USDA zone 5 and higher. Gardeners in USDA zones 4 and lower can give it a try, but they may want to wait just a little longer.

Early season vegetables to plant first include carrots, spinach, peas, potatoes, onions, cabbage, broccoli, kale, and other cool-season crops. As March rolls around some warm-season crops can be grown under cover using both cold frames or tunnel houses and frost cover. These crops include cucumbers, tomatoes, bush beans, corn, cantaloupe, squash, eggplant, and watermelon.

Armed with the knowledge of when to plant in spring as well as research gathered from year to year, gardeners will find the amount of fresh produce available to them from their garden will be much more diverse than using traditional planting schedules.

Bulbs to plant in Spring

Flowers being planted in the ground

If you are looking for flowering bulbs that are going to look amazing in the summer months then this is the post for you. Planting bulbs in early spring is an easy way to guarantee ground cover and flowering bulbs when you want to see them the most.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner gardener. All these flowers are easy to plant and are easy to look after. Please don’t be put off! You can really can have a flowering garden if you start to think about it now.


Not only do lilies smell amazing but they are a beautiful flower that covers a large area. You can plant them anytime from October to March. Make sure that you pick a spot in the garden that gets a lot of sun. They don’t need a lot of rain but they do need a place that drains really well. If you haven’t got any deep soil then lilies can grow nicely in a pot or container.

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These funny little plants grow best when they are planted in Spring. They need well-drained soil and can handle the cold. If you decide to start them off in pots then make sure you plant them in deep. They make a great border plant that can cover all amounts of space.

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These spring bulbs are tough and can bring in bees and butterflies to your garden. They come in all kinds of shades from pink and whites to purple. What we like the most is that they grow really well and don’t need deep soil to thrive. You can even divide them next spring and plant them somewhere else.

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These beautiful blue flowers are really easy to grow. Start them off in a deep container as they don’t like cold weather. Plant them once all the frosts have gone and the spring weather has started. They thrive in sunny areas and don’t mind the rain.

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Galtonia love a sunny area that is well-drained. They need to be planted quite deep in the soil and about 15cm apart from each other so they can all root successfully. What we love is that these white flowers look like they are nodding. They go really well when planted with small brushes or trees. They really help to break up the green. Make sure they are planted after the frost though as they really do not like the cold.

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Are you looking for bulbs to plant in Spring? This posts runs through the dos and don'ts for Spring planting and which bulbs grow best by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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