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These are great Christmas tree decoration ideas

Handmade Christmas tree decorations are wonderful gifts to give and a great way to spend family time making lasting memories.

Decorating the Christmas tree with handmade Christmas ornaments creates special memories for families. These beautiful handmade holiday ball ornaments make wonderful gifts for special friends. They can be made in sets, or each one can be as unique as the crafter wants it to be.

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Christmas Decorating Supplies Needed

The clear glass Christmas balls can be found in many craft stores or ordered in bulk online. They are available in glass or plastic and in various sizes. The remaining items can be found in dollar stores during the holiday season.

Clear glass balls, various sizes

Various colours of strung beads used on Christmas trees – available around the holidays in discount stores
Potpourri with pinecones and other nature pieces in holiday colours, smaller potpourri works better.

Small apple ornaments – these should be the tiniest ones available.

Clear glass ball tree ornaments – these are available at craft stores.
Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
Floral pliers

The bead and potpourri choices are dependent on individual tastes. The parts of the potpourri, such as the tiny pinecones and the mini-apple decorations, will be used on the tops of the glass balls; keep this in mind when making purchases.

Christmas Ball Instructions

Assemble materials in the work area prior to starting on decorations. Pour the potpourri into a large bowl in order to be able to access individual pieces easier.

To make beaded Christmas balls, first, carefully remove the crown and hanger from the balls. Next, use hot glue to attach a string of beads to a glass ball. Attach them from top to bottom, leaving space between each line of beads.

When the beads have been attached completely around the glass ball, snip a small section of beads to use as a loop for hanging the ornament. Glue this to the top of the glass ball where the hanger would have been. Allow drying before hanging.

To make potpourri Christmas balls, first, carefully remove the crown and hanger from the balls. Next, carefully push small potpourri pieces into the glass balls. Continue to do this until the ball is as full as desired. Finally, use glue a mini apple over the opening. Use small pliers to gently twist the apple’s stem into a hook for hanging. Allow drying before hanging.

To make apple Christmas balls, first, carefully remove the crown and hanger from the balls and glue a mini-apple decoration to the opening. Use the floral pliers to bend the apple stem into a hook for hanging the ornament. Next, use glue to arrange two or three of the apples on the front of the ball. Add a few pieces of potpourri to accentuate the apples. Allow drying before hanging.

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These easy to make Christmas ball ornaments can be grouped together in packages and given assets for gifts. Store them in individual containers or ornament boxes to protect them from breakage. Make enough to keep and give away. Making Christmas crafts is a fun activity that the family can enjoy doing together.

Laura x

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These are the best Christmas tree decorations that you can make by hand. Give someone you love something special by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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