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Including living green ideas and how to go green

It’s not easy to go green if you’ve never done it before. It can seem really overwhelming but it’s actually really easy to start living eco-friendly once you get your head around it. It could even save you money in the long run!

Eco-living is all about trying to conserve the resources that we have, save energy, reduce our family waste, stop pollution and protect the wildlife.

We may not be able to do all these things straight away but by just thinking a bit more environmental and supporting local businesses could start to help bring down our carbon footprint as a household.

Becoming a eco-friendly house even just a little can help by reducing landfill, giving us cleaner air and helping us have a better future.

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41 ways to living green

Once it becomes second nature you won’t even notice that you’re doing anything differently. By choosing to just start with four of the below could really make a difference to your households carbon footprint.

So here are 41 easy ways you can go green as a family.

Could you pledge to do just four and stick to it for the next year?

  1. Only have lights on when you’re in a room and switch them off as you move around the house.

2. Buy a plastic-free water bottle that you can take everywhere.

3. Put on a jumper first before turning on the heating.

4. Pay your bills online so you don’t have to go anywhere extra!

5. When your current white goods die, replace them with a double-A standard machine. This means that they will run efficiently and should save you money on your utility bills.

6. You a half load on the washing machine if can.

7. Turn your heating down by two degrees. It can also save you money!

8. Make your own compost bin and use it to feed your garden.

9. Keep four or five huge reusable bags in your car. This saves you having to pay for disposable ones if you suddenly need to pop to the shop.

10. Switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs every time a bulb goes throughout your home.

11. Use reusable bin bags when you can.

12. Have three different bins in your kitchen. One for non-recycled, one for recycled and one for your compost bin.

13. Plant a fruit or vegetable. It doesn’t have to be hard. Try chillis or strawberries if you’ve never done it before. They can even be grown in pots if you don’t have a garden.

14. Turn your washing machine down to 30 degrees. Everything still gets washed and cleaned but it’s actually helping the environment too.

15. Driving at the speed limit not only saves you fuel but also lets out fewer emissions.

16. Could you walk instead of using the car for half your normal trips?

17. Buying from your local market means less carbon footprint as chances are all the food has been sourced locally.

18. Start to food pool with your neighbors. This can reduce your family waste while helping another family.

19. Try going plastic free by bringing your own tubs to the supermarket for your fresh food.

20. During the winter months open your curtains fully to let in any natural light. This can also make you feel better mentally against the harsh artificial light.

21. Buy second hand. Use local charity shops for everything you need. It’s fun!

22. Only use your tumble dryer if you absolutely have too.

23. Are your windows or is your roof letting heat out? The small outlay may be worth the cost overall.

24. Unplug any electrical devices you aren’t using. Leaving them on standby still takes up electricity.

25. Try to restrict showers to 10 minutes each to save water.

26. Instead of throwing your kid’s artwork away could it become something else?

27. Switch to cloth nappies if you have a baby in the house.

28. Only flush the loo after a poo.

29. Use make-up or household wipes? Swap them for reusable ones!

30. Use scrap paper. It’s got two sides!

31. Try a menstrual cup. So much better for the environment than the normal Tampons or pads.

32. Use a water bud to catch the water from your roof and use it for the garden in the summer months.

33. Lower the temperature of your shower by two degrees.

34. Re-use any old clothes for rags for cleaning.

35. If your council doesn’t offer glass recycling can your glass be re-used at home? As clever storage or as plant pots?

36. Give away any clothes or old toys to others to be reused and loved by someone else.

37. Turn the tap off while you’re cleaning your teeth.

38. Cloth napkins are a great alternative to paper towels.

39. Try to dry your washing outside when you can or on an airer inside during the winter months.

40. Make your own household cleaning products. They work and smell so much better than the leading brands.

41. Opt-out of junk mail. If you can’t be bothered that it be recycled or re-used?

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How to go eco living

Small things really can make a big difference. Buying sustainable products as a household can help lower your own impact on the environment.

If you feel like the above steps are too much, could you try one of these 5 go green ideas instead:

1. Swap one product a week to an eco-friendly product. Like your normal window spray for a homemade one.

2. Is your building eco-friendly? Have a quick walk around and check if your windows let out any heat or if your loft has insulation.

3. Make your own cards and buy eco-friendly gifts for friends like an Eco Egg or even eco-friendly nappies if your friend has just had a baby.

4. Could you walk to work or the shop one day a week instead of using the car. If you have a dog then try to walk from your home instead of driving somewhere in the car.

5. Visit your local library to borrow books, CDs or movies instead of buying them.

Can you commit to trying just a few of these go green ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

Laura x

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Looking for ways to go green? This gives you 41 easy ways that you can reduce your families carbon footprint and save energy by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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