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Green walls with a desk and computer

Including making room for a home office

If space is an issue when setting up a home office, try going over the entire house for possible spots that can be used to fit in a workstation.

A home office has become a big part of many families. Often, bigger homes have a study room that can be easily converted into a home office. However, smaller homes don’t have much spare space, hence the need to be creative when setting up a home office. Here are some ideas to make room for a home office.

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Multiple Roles for the Home Office

The home office may need to take on several roles, very often as a guest room, storeroom, and even mini-gym! Needless to say, there will be loads of office clutter in the room. The solution is to use space-saving furniture and suitable storage solutions.

A good example is using a sofa bed or a Murphy bed that disappears into the wall completely instead of a full-sized bed. Disguise a two-drawer filing cabinet by placing a round section of particleboard on top, covering it with a table skirt. Store files in a closed cabinet or closet rather than on shelves to keep the room’s appearance neat.

Get kids to share a room

While kids are very young, there really isn’t a need for them to have their own rooms. Try arranging for two small same-sex children to share a room instead. If the kids insist on having their own space, divide the room with a tall bookcase or install a cubicle-style wall available at home office furniture shops. With the kids sharing a room, the other room will be free for use as a home office.

Under the stairs

If you have room under your stairs then this may be a great place for a home office. You could add a small corner desk or even add a couple of shelves which means that you could have the desk any shape you want.

If it’s under the stairs it may be dark so lighten it up with some pastel colours and a great LED light. You could even put some bookshelves up behind you and face one wall to kind of block you in.

You a dressing table

A small dressing table at the side of your bed could be an option. This way, you’ve got somewhere to sit and work and a place to put your laptop. Add a few shelves to the wall if you need some extra storage too.

Wall space

Small home office space can be hard to find, especially if you have very limited space. You could get a wall-mounted unit that doubles as a desk and dressing table beside your bed. It’s off the wall so you don’t need much floor space and small enough that you can use it as a dressing table when you are done working. It’s a great way to slip between home working and not.

Dining room

If you have a little out cove then getting a small desk to fit will be easy. This means that you have your own little bit of space in the house to work.

You could also use your dining room table if you are the only one at home all day. The only issue with this is that you may have to tidy up all your work when dinner time comes.

Convert a closet into a home office

If there is a spare closet in the house, Baglivi Tinglof suggests considering converting it into a home office. Remove the clothes rod and add in a work desk and some shelves above the desk. Get an electrician to install power points for the light, computer, fax, printer, and phone line. Bear in mind the desk will probably need to be custom-made.

Another advantage of converting a closet into a home office is that the door can be shut at any time, hiding all office clutter.

Use a dividing wall

If you have a more open plan living area then a dividing wall may work. A narrow tall desk is great for storing everything you need. A stool is great for your laptop and a pegboard can hold all of your paperwork and notes.


You may prefer to have your own home office in an outbuilding. Many companies are now offering She Sheds which are designed for your own needs including heating and internet. This is a great way to get your own workspace and small office.

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Other Potential Home Office Spots

Even if there isn’t a spare room or closet in the house, there are still other potential home office spots. The corner of a living room, the family hall, or even a big-sized master bedroom can be transformed into a home office. Use a tall bookcase, screen, or curtains to separate the office area from the rest of the room.

Other options to make room for a home office include the landing at the top of the stairs, the dead-end of the hallway, under the stairs for a double-story house, the attic, the basement, or an unused garage.

There are many ways to create a workspace in the house. Have multiple roles for the home office to save space, get the kids to share a room, or convert a closet into a home office. Additionally, search through the house and look for possible locations to set up a small work area. A little renovation and wiring work will be needed to complete the job.

Laura x

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These are the best home office ideas for small spaces. We've come up with loads of ways that you can make your own office even if you have little room by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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