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Recently, I asked some of the male visitors on WiseBarber about the hairstyles they love to see the most on their women. Today, in this post, I am here to share with you ladies their most-voted top 10.

Let’s get to it:

Guys Love To Play With Your Curls

Long or short, our gents say they love to run their fingers through your Curls, especially during intimacy. To most of them, you look powerfully elegant when you walk, with Curls bouncing around you.

A Dyed Bob Makes Guys Want To Club With You

Have you been trying to get your new boyfriend to take you on a night out? Wear a dyed bob that matches the color of your outfit on your next visit with him and watch things unfold.

Psst:Some guys commented that the bangs at your forehead draw them to keep staring deep into your eyes. And they can’t explain why.

Two Back Buns & Two Front Splits, Men Love This Asian Look

A lot of men have a secret love for Asian ladies’ hairstyles. But this one in particular gives females the playful hot look of that high school cheerleader many of us had a crush on.

Wet Laid Back Hair For An Adults’ Night

Let’s be honest:

The best part of summer for most of us gents is when we get to visit the beach or a pool to adore y’all ladies frolicking in the water. 

Often than not:The first thing that catches our attention is the wet hair dripping all over. Take this idea to a whole new level with boo. After a night shower at his place, leave your hair dripping and watch him get all over you.

Librarian Hairdo Spellbinds Bibliophiles

Redhead or not:

A Librarian hairdo gives you the appearance of a bibliophile and attracts those men who love books to you. 

And: If you happen to be a redhead, you can have the signature look of Mary Jane from Spiderman.

Guys Dig Wavy Hairstyles

This is one of the most attractive hairstyles to us males. It makes you ladies look adorably sophisticated and will pass for every occasion, be it formal or informal.

Dyed Pixie Cut

If you’re a fashionably gamine lady with a heart of a tomboy, a dyed Pixie cut of about 3 inches long will up your game a notch. Add fuel to the fire by applying your lipstick right to become irresistible to men.

Straight Hair Attracts Straight Men

A lot of men say they love long straight hair that’s textured and soft to the touch. In fact, some bachelors say they look forward to seeing their bride walk the aisle on long straight hair.

Grow Younger With Pigtails

Our older folks say their women defy age when they throw Pigtails or add puffs to it. But it’s not for the elderly ladies alone as the Ponytails hairstyle is most common in high schools.

Modern Dark Braids

Gone are the days when wearing Braids was common among only the about-to-weds. Today, with new styles of Braids popping out almost daily, spinsters are rocking the hairdo. And we men are loving it.

In Conclusion

Looking out for your man and trying to look your best for him is romantic. But as you go about showing him love, remember to do what makes you happy. 

In other words:

Make sure you choose a hairstyle that piques your interest and showcases your personality. 


If you have questions concerning the list of 10 super hot hairstyles that men find attractive on women, use the comment section below.

Until then.

#StaySafe and keep looking good.

Barber Mike of WiseBarber.

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