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We’ve all been there. The awkward conversion about where you are going to meet, where you are going to eat and then the disastrous wardrobe pull out while trying to find something decent to wear.

All that stress is taking away with virtual dating.

But to have a date you actually need to find the perfect person who you feel like you are compatible with or a least get a virtual spark from.

Start by signing up to as many free dating sites as possible like Meet Norfolk Singles who can help you find your next partner in love.

Once you’ve flirted by phone and Facetimed over a takeaway it’s not time to up your game and really set your love story alight.

Turn your living room into a museum

There’s so many worldwide museums that are offering free tours. You can stroll around The Louvre or around the British Portrait Gallery while still in your jeans and shabby top. Your date will never know and you both get to experience that classic date option that currently isn’t available.

Music hall

You could turn your house into the best festival by streaming some of the hottest banks around. Many theatres and bands are doing live performances which you can both join and enjoy.

Just realised that your date has horrible taste in music? Don’t sweat, keep your options open by looking at these free dating sites.

Surprise take away

It may feel more like a game of Russian roulette, but why not pick a takeaway for each other. Swap addresses and pick a time that the takeaway should arrive. Then jump on Facetime and watch each other enjoy their mystery meal.

Take a walk

Not a real one but a virtual one along a beach. Many UK and Worldwide attractions have opened up their camera for us all to enjoy. Make sure have a look at the Great Barrier Reef or at Yellowstone in the US. Both are amazing attractions that you can really bond over.

Get your sweat on

Depending on your partner you might want to get sweaty quite quickly. While you clear your mind out of the gutter, have a look at the hundreds of free or paid for fitness classes that you can enjoy together. If you love a bit of Hiit then look up Joe Wicks who has a new fitness app for all fitness types.

For dance-based workouts look for Zumba which is an energetic dance group that really helps you get a sweat on. Our favourite are the dance classes that go neon. So you can grab your 90s pom-poms, the glow sticks, shut the curtains and really get your freak on!  

Quiz night

Is your new beau a quiz buff? Then why not organise a huge quiz night for you both. You can join a pub team or have a look at Jackbox TV that offer fun trivial type games on your phone that you can stream together online.

Sharing is caring!

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