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Including good pets for kids

Choosing your first pet can be a very big decision to make. Hopefully, this article will make that decision a little bit easier!

Choosing your first pet can be a very daunting decision to make. You will need to take into consideration your lifestyle before you choose just any pet; for example, time and expenses are two factors that are remarkably important. A dog, for example, is going to need daily (if not hourly) attention, while a reptile or fish may require less of your time.

Expenses are also a key factor to take into consideration. You will need to feed and house this pet in a humane way; this can be very expensive for some pets, such as reptiles, that need regulated parameters.

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The best types of pets for beginners

We’ve got the best starter pets that you may be interested in. It could be that you are looking for a new companion or that you are looking for a good starter pet for your kids.

Pet care is really important so make sure that you really research the pet you want before you purchase it. Finding the right pet for you or for small children isn’t a quick job. Keep looking around and doing your research before you make that jump.

Pet ownership is a great way to have some companionship if you fee like that is missing from your life. Pets can really bring happiness and joy to home owners that want them.


Dogs make great family pets. They require a lot of time and attention because they are social animals. Dogs need to be fed, walked, let out, and socialized regularly for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Depending on the breed of dog, they may require a lot of space or nothing larger than an apartment.

Veterinary bills are often the greatest expense of owning a dog; if the dog is ill, it will need to be taken to a special doctor. You may even have to pay extra for specialist foods, for example if they get a yeast infection.

Even something as simple as having the pet neutered can be very costly. Remember, dogs are a long-term commitment.


Cats are great pets for anyone. They are social animals but do enjoy time to themselves. Cats need to be fed on a regular basis. They will require a litter box that will need to be cleaned regularly; once every two days is a good habit to get into. Cats are a long-term commitment, generally living for 15 to 20 years.

Veterinary expenses are often the most costly part of owning a cat. Most owners get their cats spayed in order to eliminate the possibility of the cat getting pregnant at any time. Male cats will also “spray” if they are not neutered. Often owners will also get their cats declawed, which is also a costly procedure.


Rabbits, hamsters, rats, and mice all make great social pets. Generally speaking, they do not need constant attention; however, rabbits and rats need more attention than a hamster as they need more room than a cage can provide. Food is relatively cheap; however, the housing may be a bit expensive, depending on the size of the habitation.


Fish make great pets for people who are not always home. They are great to watch but do not need to be walked or socialized. Most fish do not need to be fed daily either but should be fed maybe every couple of days. Depending on the type of fish, the setup or habitation may be costly, saltwater fish especially. Fish require a filter, and most require a heater.

Tanks are quite pricey and require (generally) substrate and décor. Contrary to popular belief, a fish as simple as a goldfish requires at least 20 gallons of water. A betta fish is a simplistic (but flashy) fish that can live for a few years in a 1-gallon bowl. Some tank setups require a lot of work in regards to cleaning and maintaining proper temperature, filtration, and water parameters. If you are looking to get anything other than a betta, it is highly suggested you research your ideas first.


Reptiles can be found at both ends of the spectrum. They do not need to be socialized as often or regularly. Setups can be very expensive due to lighting and humidity regulations. If it is your first pet, I would highly suggest researching crested geckos. Their enclosure can be around 15 to 20 gallons (for their entire lives), and they do not require any special lighting.

They also can be fed a powdered diet, which was created to maintain all of their essential nutrients; this means no live food. They are easy to handle and come in a wide variety of colors. They can be kept in an enclosure with nothing more than paper towels and egg cartons. Only feeding them and misting the tank twice a day are the requirements.


Birds are a more difficult pet to keep. Generally speaking, the larger the bird, the more difficult and expensive it will be. Budgies are a common household pet that does not require an overwhelming amount of attention and are not overly expensive. They need to be fed regularly and have their cages cleaned regularly.

Choosing your first pet really depends on your lifestyle. If you are a student, have a family, or work in an office that requires long hours every day, then you should choose your pet accordingly. Remember that time and how much you are willing to put into your new pet are key elements that will undeniably narrow down your choices.

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Choosing your first pet can be a very big decision to make. Hopefully, this article will make that decision a little bit easier by Laura at My Beautiful Mess

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